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Ten billion private equity tycoon Lin Yuan: I am such a rich person, how could I apologize to a poor person for a loss?

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Shocked the fund circle!Ten billion private equity tycoon Lin Yuan: I am such a rich person, how could I apologize to a poor person?

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Lin Yuan, a tens of billions of private equity tycoons, utterly angered investors and caused controversy.

  Private equity boss Lin Yuan burst into thunder: Don’t apologize to the poor

Recently, there are screenshots on social networks showing that Lin Yuan was annoyed by customers during the live roadshow, “You buy my products if you are like-minded, and I never force you if you don’t buy. If you lose, you deserve it. It’s never possible for me to apologize. Son, how can I be a rich person, how can I apologize to the poor, the whole world has not seen a few people who are better than me”.

In addition, according to the China Securities Journal, Lin Yuan told investors who questioned him at the scene: “The reason for the withdrawal is you, blame yourself, I never let you buy it!”

“If you approve it, you can buy it. If you don’t approve it, you won’t buy it. Buy it for three to five years. If you lose money, don’t tell me. I won’t apologize to someone like you.”

Lin Yuan said: “I am the only one in Lin Yuan. If there is no researcher, I will listen to me alone, and I will not listen to others.” “We have no direction, we are trading stocks, and there is no industry direction, and I don’t know it myself. How to choose the industry.”

Many funds have fallen by more than 20% since their establishment

The fund king searched the private equity rankings and found that there are many funds under Linyuan that have been established for less than a year, and the decline is around 20%.

Many funds have fallen 8% in the past month.

Some investors said that everyone who knows Lin Yuan knows that he talks like this, but when making money, everyone lets him and endures him. When you lose money, you can’t get used to it and look upset. This is human nature.

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Some people also said that such three views are not right.

Often speak amazing

As early as 2007, Lin Yuan entered the public’s field of vision because of an interview with CCTV, “In 1989, 8,000 yuan entered the market, after 18 years of ups and downs in the stock market, he won 2 billion worth of net worth.” In his early years, Lin Yuan had the titles of “Chinese Stock God”, “Folk Stock God”, and “Chinese Buffett”.

According to Geshang’s research statistics, the scale of private equity funds managed by Linyuan has reached tens of billions. Its representative heavyweight stocks include Moutai,Pien Tze HuangWait.

On June 9th, Lin Yuan sent a representative to participate in the shareholders meeting of Pien Tze Huang, stating that “Since 2005, he invested in Pien Tze Huang stocks, but one share has not been sold so far, and the shareholding is still increasing every year.” Regarding the recent speculation in Pien Tze Huang, Lin Yuan It even publicly stated that “Pien Tze Huang is a unique business, and they will eventually sell for the price of 2 bottles of Moutai.”

In addition, at the recent Maotai shareholder meeting, Lin Yuan participated in it, and it was because the “Versailles” style speech was full of gimmicks, which aroused public debate.

Lin Yuan said at the scene: “I hold 2% of Moutai’s stock and have deep feelings for Moutai. I bought it the second year after it went public, and now it accounts for 40% of my total assets. I haven’t sold a single share for so many years. , I won’t sell it in the future. This year’s dividend has not yet been paid, so I will buy Moutai overdraft and pay the dividend after it has been paid.”

Based on the above rough estimate, Lin Yuan holdsKweichow MoutaiMore than 25 million shares, the current market value is about 56 billion yuan. It is estimated that Lin Yuan, a private equity boss, may have a net worth of nearly 140 billion yuan.

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But then Lin Yuan responded. In the interview, he said he was nonsense, which he said casually at the time. He also said, “It is based on the image of nonsense to eat.”

At a certain investment sharing meeting, Lin Yuan also said that the speculative market must not be high. If you are afraid of high, then you must be a hard-working man. You have to be brave to enlarge. If you are high, you will be even higher. Come on, blow bubbles. In the end, the bubble may not be broken for ten, eight, or even decades. If we make money, we have to speculate, because everyone pays attention to it, and then there is money to be made.

How do other fund managers communicate with clients?

Recently, private equity tycoon Dan Bin posted on Weibo, “29 years in the industry, Oriental Harbor was established for more than 17 years, and 2021 is considered to have experienced another test! This year, except for the positive contribution of US stocks, both A-shares and Hong Kong stocks have negative contributions… “He also said that he can only blame himself for not doing well, and he is also introspective.

  Private equity tycoon Gray had liquidated new energy vehicle stocks a year ago, and a year later, he was betting on the leading Internet companies in Hong Kong stocks, and suffered a net worth retracement in the antitrust investigation “black swan”. This is what he said to investors:

Zhang Kun, the first brother of public offerings, bluntly stated in the second quarterly report that looking back on his previous judgments, he found that there were many mistakes. The difficulty of judging the competitive landscape of the industry in the next five years may only increase. On the whole, if it is correct, it may only get a mediocre rate of return, but if it is wrong, it will face considerable losses. With this odds distribution, it is obviously a difficult move for investment.

Bank of Communications Wang Chong apologized to investors in the second quarter report under its management. He said that from the second quarter, the overall performance of the fund portfolio was poor, and individual heavy stocks in the portfolio had fallen sharply. They expressed their deep concern to fund share holders. Sorry.

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There is also Yang Hao, the manager of the new vitality of Bank of Communications Schroder. He also stated in the second quarter report that “the performance of the fund in this quarter is weaker than the performance benchmark. We have persistence and reflection” and elaborated on his own thinking. .

In addition, Jiao Wei of Yinhua Fund is still confused about the market outlook. In the second quarterly report of 2000 words, he said that he found his interpretation too subjective. For managers, rising is more difficult to cope with than falling. The decline can be carried to death, and at the same time, use the decline to test the anti-fragility ability of one’s own portfolio and examine the weaknesses. But when it rises, it will face the choice of a relatively stable portfolio, or the temptation of so-called cost-effective varieties when it rises too much.

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