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Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas, Cybertruck trucks will start production next year_Musk

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Original title: Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas, Cybertruck trucks will start production next year

Before Musk attended Tesla’s 2021 annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas, Tesla’s chairman Robin Denholm stated that the electric car manufacturer delivered more than 800,000 deliveries in the past 12 months. This electric vehicle currently has nearly 100,000 employees worldwide.

Tesla moved its headquarters from California to Texas. This is not surprising, because Musk himself has moved to Lone Star State. Once Giga Texas is completed, the company plans to continue to expand in Texas. However, Musk emphasized that the company will not leave California. Tesla is planning to expand operations at its Fremont plant and plans to increase production there by 50%.

  • Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster production

    Like many other automakers, the shortage of suppliers has caused Tesla to face many problems. Cybertruck is one of those things. Production was originally scheduled to start later this year, but it was postponed to the end of 2022. Mass production will start in 2023. Production of Tesla Semi and Roadster will begin in 2023.

  • 4680 battery cell

    Tesla currently has a 4680 battery pilot production line (approximately 10 GW per year) near its Fremont factory. Musk said that 4680 batteries will not be produced in Texas this year, but mass production will begin next year, and mass production will begin at the end of next year.

  • Fully Automated Driving (FSD) Beta

    The release of FSD beta 10.2 is still going on today as planned. Musk said that more than 1,000 car owners have a safety score of 100, and they will be the first car owners to gain access. He admitted that the safety scoring system was far from perfect and claimed that he had forgotten his personal scoring.

  • The super factory of the future

    Elon Musk said that Tesla currently does not know the next location of the company’s next Gigafactory, but said it will look for a new location next year and will make a decision in 2023.

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When asked about the $25,000 Tesla Model 2, Musk quickly stated that he would not call it Model 2, but did not mention Tesla’s upcoming economic models. We know that compact electric vehicles are currently being designed in China and may be released next year. Will it be Model Z?

Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas, and Cybertruck trucks will begin production next year and will first appear in AutoNode.Return to Sohu to see more


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