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The Caserta Local Health Authority teams up with Oracle to bring management and services to the cloud

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The Caserta Local Health Authority teams up with Oracle to bring management and services to the cloud

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A strong push towards innovation in southern public health: the Caserta Local Health Authority has started a collaboration with Oracle thanks to which innovative applications are being created which will lead to a profound transformation in the next 3 years. The adoption of new technologies must result in significant management efficiency: it will in fact be possible to monitor and evaluate the activity of individual structures and personnel, in short, achieve efficiency and productivity which will hopefully translate into better services for users, such as , reduce waiting lists.

The evaluation of healthcare personnel is a key factor for having more efficient human resources and therefore a higher quality healthcare offering. While analysis and accurate budgeting allow you to “spend better” and invest where needed.

Few other examples in Italy and around the world

Caserta, in short, becomes a pioneer of new methodologies. In Italy, similar examples of innovation in healthcare processes are those of the Milan Polyclinic and the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. The same type of innovative applications, created by Oracle, is also used in the United States, from the University of Chicago Medicine, a non-profit university clinical faculty in Illinois, (where the famous TV series ER Doctors on the Front Line is set) to Baptist Health Care, the second largest non-profit employer in Northwest Florida, as well as Springfield Clinic, a large hospital in Illinois, and Stamford Health, an independent non-profit health system in Connecticut.

Blasotti (director of the ASL): «Significant step forward»

«It is a great source of pride for us to have activated an innovative process that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of health services but also the administrative and accounting management of the processes – says Amedeo Blasotti, general director of the Caserta Local Health Authority – Let’s take a step significant towards the modernization of workflows, thanks to advanced automation features the simplification of processes is also increasingly being strengthened.”


The Oracle Fusion Applications Suite allows you to leverage the benefits of the cloud to break down organizational silos, standardize processes and manage data related to finance, supply chain, human resources and customer experience processes on a single integrated cloud platform. The suite is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure customers have constant access to innovation with new features added every 90 days. For many companies in the sector, the wide heterogeneity of IT systems did not allow them to keep pace with the latest technologies or to be able to respond quickly to the changes taking place in the healthcare sector in general. Thanks to Oracle Fusion Applications it was possible to move finance and HR processes onto a single integrated cloud platform.

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