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The opening of the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition GAC Group released the “Green Clean Plan” | GAC Group_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: The opening of the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition GAC Group released the “Green Clean Plan”

China News Service, Guangzhou, November 19 (Reporter Wang Hua) The 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (“Guangzhou Auto Show”) opened in Guangzhou on the 19th, with an exhibition scale of 220,000 square meters and 54 world premiere cars. . In the meantime, GAC Group released the “Green Clean Plan”, which includes achieving carbon neutrality throughout the product life cycle by 2050 and turning GAC Agan into a zero-carbon plant in 2023.

This year’s Guangzhou Auto Show uses all 13 exhibition halls in Area A and 3 exhibition halls in Area B of the Canton Fair Complex, as well as the outdoor exhibition area of ​​the North and South Plaza in Area A. The exhibition scale reaches 220,000 square meters. At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, there were 54 world premiere cars, 7 multinational companies’ first cars; 28 concept cars, including 9 international brand exhibition cars; domestic and foreign exhibitors exhibited a total of 241 new energy vehicles, including foreign 88 brand exhibition cars. The total number of exhibited cars reached 1,020. A total of 91 press conferences were held on Media Day on the 19th.

Under the dual influence of the continuous development of China’s economy and the continuous outbreak of foreign epidemics, the Chinese auto market has become a battleground for global automakers. At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, passenger car brands will exhibit all brands and high specifications, and all major groups will exhibit a full range of products.

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It is worth mentioning that this year’s Guangzhou Automobile has launched a brand-new theme exhibition area. The Future Automobile Science and Technology Museum focuses on displaying future automobile technology represented by artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and 5G technology; Hall 11.2 focuses on the new energy automobile industry to showcase New energy vehicles supporting innovative products are the core, presenting a complete new energy vehicle industry chain.

On the 19th, GAC Group announced the “Green Clean Plan”. In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality for the full life cycle of products by 2050 (challenge 2045), it implemented three major measures, including: from research and development to production, from purchase to use and recycling. The whole chain of carbon emission management; GAC Aian will be built as a zero-carbon factory, and zero carbon emissions will be achieved by 2023; the proportion of smart and connected new energy vehicles and energy-saving vehicles will be further increased, and the sales of new energy vehicles of its own brand will account for 50% in 2025 %. In 2030, the Group’s new energy vehicle sales accounted for 50%.

Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC Group, said that facing the three major industry pain points of new energy battery life, safety, and charging, GAC Group has solved the pain points of cruising range in the first phase (before 2019). It is equipped with sponge silicon negative plate battery technology to achieve the highest cruising range. Has reached 1,000 kilometers; in the second phase (2019 to 2021), the unique magazine battery system safety technology will be used to solve the battery safety problem; the third phase will be supported by ultra-fast charging technology and battery replacement technology to promote “26 Energy Action”.

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According to reports, the “26 Energy Action” can realize that batteries can be bought or rented, rechargeable and exchangeable, slow or fast rechargeable, capacity can be large or small, mileage can be long or short, electricity can be purchased, sold, and recycled Can be used in cascades. The battery swap version of all models developed based on the new GEP3.0 platform will be put on the market one after another starting from 2023. (over)


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