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The public offering four seasons report successively disclosed the shareholding movements of tens of billions of fund managers such as Lu Bin and Qiu Dongrong. HSBC Jintrust_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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The public offering four seasons report successively disclosed the shareholding movements of tens of billions of fund managers such as Lu Bin and Qiu Dongrong. HSBC Jintrust_Sina Finance_Sina.com

The four seasons of public offerings have successively disclosed the exposure of tens of billions of fund managers’ shareholding trends

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With the disclosure of the 2022 Four Seasons Report, Lu Bin, Qiu Dongrong and other tens of billions of star fund managers were exposed in the fourth quarter of last year. According to the financial report, as of press time on the 17th, a total of 141 public offering funds (combined statistics of different shares) have released their 2022 quarterly reports. Fund managers believe that long-term structural opportunities in the equity market have opened.

Lu Bin, investment director of HSBC Jintrust Fund, has 4 products under its portfolio that have disclosed the Four Seasons Report, and their stock positions exceed 90%. Among them, HSBC Jintrust’s dynamic strategy mixed with the top ten heavyweight stocks did not change much in the fourth quarter of last year.Dongfangtong(300379)、NavInfo(002405) replacesSalt Lake shares(000792)、CITIC Securitiesinto the top ten;CATL(300750) rose from the third to the first, with a quarter-on-quarter increase of nearly 8%,China Ping AnFrom fifth to fourth.

In the fourth quarter of last year, HSBC Jintrust’s ranking of the top ten low-carbon pioneer stocks changed, among whichEVE Lithium Energy(300014) rose from the second to the first at the end of the third quarter of last year, and CATL rose from the fourth to the second,Convinced(300454) moved up from sixth to third. Among the top ten heavyweight stocks in HSBC Jintrust’s core growth mix,AwinicOriental wealth(300059) replacesHangke TechnologyEverwin Precision(300115); China Ping An rose from the second to the first, convinced that the obedience rose to the second from the fourth. Among the top ten heavyweight stocks of HSBC Jintrust Smart Manufacturing Pioneer,Guanghui Energy(600256)、Fushun Special Steel(600399) replaced with DongfangtongEnjie shares(002812)、Huayou Cobalt(603799) and Hangke Technology; Awinic rose from the third to the first,Anheng informationFrom fourth to second.

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The four funds under Qiu Dongrong, the star fund manager of Zhonggeng Fund, all disclosed the Four Seasons Report. His masterpiece Zhonggeng Value Pilot did a lot of “subtraction” in the fourth quarter of last year: China Hongqiao, CNOOC,Changshu Bank(601128)、Chihong Zinc Germanium(600497), Dagon Mine Energy replaced Meituan-W. Meituan-W also disappeared from the top ten heavyweight stocks in Zhonggeng’s value and quality one-year holding period. The top ten most heavily held stocks in Zhonggeng small-cap value stocks have changed greatly:Gemdale Group(600383), Guanghui Energy,Changshu Auto Decoration(603035)、Guangxin shares(603599) withLiu Yao Group(603368) five stocks, replacing Bank of Changshu,Xinhua Medical(600587)、new point softwareVertex Software(603383) withYunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd.(000807) entered the top ten;Shenhuo shares(000933) rose from fifth to first.

The four quarterly reports disclosed by Shi Cheng, a fund manager of tens of billions, showed that the stock positions of the above products have increased to varying degrees from the previous month. In terms of the top ten heavyweight stocks, the new energy sector is still Shi Cheng’s key layout area, but individual stocks have changed. For example, SDIC UBS Advanced Manufacturing Group increased its positions in Huayou Cobalt, Huayou Cobalt and Cobalt in the fourth quarter of last yeargodsend material(002709),Mount Everest in Tibet(600338)、Tibet Mining(000762) replacesShengxin Lithium Energy(002240)、Zangge Mining(000408).Yiwei Lithium Energy, Tibet Everest replaced Zangge Mining, and Shengxin Lithium Energy entered the top ten of SDIC UBS’ industrial trends; Yiwei Lithium Energy, Ningde Times andNew Zebang(300037) replacesJiangte Motor(002176), Tibet Everest, and Tibet Everest entered the top ten of SDIC’s UBS Industrial Upgrade for two years of mixed holdings.

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Regarding the future investment opportunities in the new energy industry, Lu Bin said that he will mainly focus on three types of investment opportunities: first, the medium-term demand growth rate is relatively certain, the supply is still in short supply, and corporate profits can be maintained continuously; second, it is conducive to reducing product costs, The direction of new technologies to increase safety and improve performance; the third is the subdivision of the field where profits are at the bottom in 2022 and are expected to rebound in 2023.

Qiu Dongrong said that he should pay attention to value stocks with historically low valuations, focus on supply-side contraction or rigid industries, and their potential elasticity under the recovery of demand. The main industries include real estate, finance, and base metals represented by large-cap value stocks. Resource companies and energy companies. Growth stocks that are undervalued but have growth potential are also worthy of attention. It is recommended to focus on domestic demand growth and supply cost-effective companies with competitive advantages. The main industries include pharmaceutical manufacturing, non-ferrous metal processing, chemicals, auto parts, etc.

Shi Cheng expects that the economy will gradually improve in 2023. Against the background of growth, he is optimistic about the performance of growth stocks. Many manufacturing industries will pass through the node of overcapacity, their profitability will no longer decline, and they will have investment value. (Shenzhen Commercial Daily reporter: Zhan Yuye

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