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The trading of 81 CBEX stocks was generally stable on the third day of the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange

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From November 15th to 17th, the trading of 81 Beijing Stock Exchange stocks was generally stable. In the three days before the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange, a total of 16.99 billion yuan was traded in stocks, of which 68 unsuspended stocks traded 10.31 billion yuan; all 10 new stocks rose by an average of 146.80%, with a turnover of 6.968 billion yuan. The 68 non-suspended translation stocks gradually stabilized and rebounded after a slight consolidation within three days of the market opening, with an average daily turnover rate of 3.18%. Today’s translation stocks rose by an average of 0.51%, of which 39 rose. In the case of sufficient selling and changing hands, profit-making orders were released to a certain extent, investor sentiment picked up, professional institutions became more concerned, and trading enthusiasm remained. As of the close, “Kaitian Gas” disclosed that it will carry out strategic cooperation on photovoltaic hydrogen production projects. Affected by the news, it has been the largest increase for two consecutive days, showing a certain linkage with A shares; the “driving force” announced yesterday that it received a number of institutional investors According to the survey announcement, today’s stock price stabilized and rebounded; the leading stock Beiterui’s stock price turned red yesterday afternoon and continued its upward trend today; Changhong Energy, Jilin Carbon Valley and other new energy concept stocks stopped falling and rebounded. In addition, trading of 10 new stocks is still active, with a turnover rate of 18.50% today.


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