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Timvision, the times for the passage on the Vivendi platform expand

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The moment chosen for the migration of Timvision on the myCanal platform, the Ott service of Canal + of the Vivendi group, according to Sole 24 Ore it had been set for the end of January. Specifically, the finger fell on the Serie A break functional to the internship of the National team led by Roberto Mancini. All this in order not to impact on the vision of the championship broadcast in its entirety (and exclusively for 7 games out of 10 per week) by the partner Dazn.

The turbulence in Tim with the change of management has caused times to be revised. Then there are two other windows. The first is at the end of March, with the top league on break for the play-offs in which the Azzurri will play for the ticket to the Qatar World Cup. The other is at the end of the season. It is in this time frame that the migration of Timvision to the Vivendi group platform should be completed (anticipated on Sole 24 Ore of 5 November). The work has been going on for over 18 months – with the approval of a Tim board of directors at the time with an Elliott majority – but it came to the point in this moment of particular turbulence.

The contract, which would amount to 6 million euros and which sees Timvision as a customer of Canal +, is in any case signed and the migration should take place between March and the end of the championship. Then, with Timvision on the MyCanal platform it is clear that scenarios will open up to be verified. Here we enter the field of rumors, but for some time there has been the hypothesis of a spin-off of a Timvision that would end up speaking the same language as the Canal + Ott platform.

Meanwhile, we are also looking at the more sensitive game of the redefinition of the agreements between Tim and the partner Dazn to which Lega Serie A has assigned the audiovisual rights in 2021-24 for 840 million per year. Of these 340 come from Tim, following an agreement that the telco has decided to review. The reason? The results are not those hoped for, with Tim’s index also pointing to “concurrency”: the double vision at the same time, and at a distance, of the same content allowed by Dazn. Also in this case the moment did not play in favor but, as far as it appears to Sole 24 Ore, more operational meetings are in the pipeline. On the part of Tim’s lawyers, an official proposal would have started, with a cut that according to rumors would be around 140 million euros compared to the guaranteed minimum. It is clear that this is an initial proposal for a negotiation that immediately landed on the subject of the exclusive contract that binds Dazn to Timvision.

Despite an initial availability in Tim’s home to review that stake, the issue would have come out of the negotiation which, however, according to what we learn, would be moving forward in a collaborative form. The exclusivity at the moment would therefore not be in question (but since it is a negotiation in full it would be wrong to assume it is dead) while the work now lies in seeking the right curtailment. For which an equilibrium point could be around 80 million euros (up to 100) according to market rumors.

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