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Toyota C + walk T: the electric three-wheeler arrives for the city. Almost a chair with wheels

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What is the new C + walk T

The C + walk T it’s a electric vehicle (Bev) on three wheels (one front and two rear) easy to use. It features a low and flat base, only 150mm high, which gives you the ability to get on and off easily. It is designed so that it is convenient to use in pedestrian areas, facilitating side-by-side travel as well as communication with other pedestrians. In fact, in addition to being ecological, the vehicle occupies more or less the same space as a single person and travels at the typical speed of the human step for a maximum of 14 km with one charge. The C + walk T it is also equipped with obstacle detection functions which help to avoid collisions with objects or pedestrians. In fact, in the event that the detection sensor in the front of the vehicle detects a person or an obstacle, the operating system activates both a visual warning on the display panel and a acoustic warning, causing the vehicle to decelerate to approximately 2km / h, thereby providing support for safe driving.

The vehicle is characterized by a two-tone combination, with a predominantly black bodywork complemented by warm gray on the resin parts and is equipped with puncture-proof tires.

Also suitable for use in closed spaces

For business use, the C + walk T it can travel in and through large structures (e.g. airports or shopping centers), or to facilitate the mobility of older people engaged in security work or within parks and other similar facilities. Furthermore, thanks to the numerous updates of the relevant laws and regulations, it is possible that the C + walk T it may in the future be authorized to circulate on public roads; in this case, the vehicle will be able to help those people who have difficulty traveling long distances.

Mobility solutions for everyone

Toyota offers wide-ranging mobility solutions, with the dual objective of ensuring freedom of movement to everyone and create an even better society. The C + pod and C + walk series are designed to increase users’ possibilities of movement, make them serene and support them in the different phases of their life, offering new forms of unprecedented mobility.

By continuing to offer mobility solutions that are easy to use and that fuel the desire to move and travel, Toyota wants to bring happiness to as many people as possible.

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