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Turin, Paolo Damilano announces the hiring of 10 former Embraco workers in his companies

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During the electoral campaign it had seemed just the umpteenth promise of politics, which could hardly have been realized. And instead Paolo Damilano, on the bank with the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, intends to “set a good example” and begin as early as January to implement his commitment to the 391 workers of the former Embraco. «I see that there is immobility on the part of the city. I start by hiring ten workers in my companies. I know how important it is to set a good example, so I’m creating a network of entrepreneurs ready to commit themselves personally to offer these people a working future “, says the entrepreneur who, before running for mayor, led the Pontevecchio family group which has various brands of mineral water such as Valmora, in addition to the homonymous winery in La Morra, the Pastificio Defilippis and the Zucca bar.

The opportunity comes from a rule inserted in the maneuver and wanted by Giorgetti that allows employers who hire workers of companies for which crisis tables are open at the Mise, to obtain total exemption from payments of social security contributions. A fund financed with 700 million for 2022. «Giorgetti’s reasoning is very simple: instead of paying the layoffs, the companies they hire for two years are helped. When you offer a job, you save a life. I had given myself a hypothetical deadline to solve the problem in June – he continues – but we are at the end of the year and we have to start ».

Let me start, it is important to set a good example. Then there will be a network of entrepreneurs ready to do their part

Paolo Damilano – entrepreneur and former mayoral candidate for Turin

Damilano, already after the first lockdown of 2020, had proposed to hire 10 to 30% more than the staff who would normally serve in the company, paying only the net salary and asking the government to intervene for the other items, starting from the costs social security. An idea picked up by Giorgetti, who was his main sponsor in the election campaign. And which is now preparing to exploit for the benefit of Embraco workers.

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The entrepreneur is aware that hiring ten does not solve the problem of the other 380 destroyed lives, but he is convinced that it is only a beginning and that other proposals will soon arrive. “Obviously we need to understand what their predispositions are and where they can best be relocated.” There is a rebound in the economy and many entrepreneurs cannot find staff. «Let’s get busy and propose to these people that the work is trying to help us. This rule envisaged by the government can overcome fears and resistances to take on the responsibility of making permanent contracts ”, highlights the entrepreneur who entered the City Council with the Torino Bellissima civic list.

Time is running out because the layoffs will expire on 22 January. Then the layoffs will trigger and these workers will find themselves unemployed. Meanwhile, they must decide whether to accept the 7,000 euros gross and sign a grave agreement that cancels any possibility of compensation. In recent days, the entrepreneur told his idea to the archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia, who expressed concern and willingness to cover any legal costs. «I believe that even the unions can change their minds. At first they argued that they should be reintegrated into a single business project. Now – he concludes – I think they will be in favor of the idea of ​​a network of entrepreneurs who hire, each according to their possibilities ».


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