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Visual China responds to the “8 yuan Audi photo question”: 1500 yuan sold for commercial authorization jqknews

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Visual China responds to the “8 yuan Audi photo question”: 1500 yuan sold for commercial authorization jqknews

In response to the photographer’s question about the unreasonable use of the photos of Audi advertising posters,Visual Chinagive a response.

On the evening of May 26th,Visual ChinaThe release statement stated that on May 14, 2022, an advertising company purchased the picture with the number VCG211323533325 uploaded by the original company at a price of 1,500 yuan from our company. The final user of the picture is a car brand, and the purpose is commercial authorization. According to the standard settlement process of the contributor’s royalties, this purchase will be reflected in the sales report of the contracted contributor the following month, which can be inquired online at that time.

  Visual ChinaThe fact sheet also stated that the pictures involved were repeatedly uploaded to the gallery twice, with the numbers VCG211308158487 and VCG211323533325. These two identical pictures were authorized to be used 9 times by 8 customers. Among them, 3 customers will be authorized to use 3 times in 2022. The “sales record” on February 25, 2022 quoted in the WeMedia account text is a picture for the WeMedia account information of a website where the picture is used.

Visual China said that the self-media operator named “Da Shao Paipai Afraid” is the company’s contracted contributor Yuan. On July 13, 2020, Yuan established a feed cooperation with our company through the company’s 500px photography community. On May 11, 2021, become the exclusive contracted contributor of Vision China. During the verification process, it was found that the contracted contributor did not comply with the exclusive cooperation agreement and uploaded the same pictures to other picture libraries.

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Earlier on the 26th, “Da Shao Paipai” told The Paper that he also received a communication call from Visual China, who asked him to check the order in June. Regarding the result, he said, “wait for the June bill.”

Just a day ago, on May 25, “Da Shao Paipai” posted on social media, questioning that the promotional poster of Audi Xiaoman’s advertisement used a photographic work he sold on Visual China in an inappropriate way.

“Da Shao Paipai” said that the landscape photos in Xiaoman’s advertising posters are very similar to a pair of works he took in Fengjie Kuimen in 2020, “I made a comparison of the overlapping pictures on PS, that is, the overlapping of.”

What makes Dashao Paipai questioning is the way in which its pictures are used.

In the sales records sent to him by Visual China, it is written that the use is “new media editing information with pictures”, and according to the definition of the use of photos by the Visual China website, Audi Xiaoman advertising posters should be “commercial use”, while Not “Editorial Use”.

In addition, the sales record shows that the “selling price” of the picture is 8 yuan; while the “real publishing fee” item shows that the income of “big and small Paipai” is 2 yuan. Visual China customer service told Peng Mei News that the price range of the picture for commercial use is about a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. “Da Shao Paipai Paipai” believes that this also confirms that his pictures are not based on Sold for commercial use.

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(Article source: The Paper)

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