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Wartsila, unions appeal upheld: court revokes 451 dismissals

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Wartsila, unions appeal upheld: court revokes 451 dismissals

MILANO – No layoffs for the 451 employees Wartsila of the San Dorligo plant. The labor judge of the Trieste Court, Paolo Ancora, accepted the appeal presented by the trade unions regarding the company’s anti-union behavior, revoking the dismissal procedure for workers. The Group was sentenced to pay 50 thousand euros to each of the trade unions as compensation for damage to image, to pay legal costs and to publish the decree in some national newspapers. The Judge, on the other hand, declared the intervention of the Fvg Region inadmissible.

Relocations, Orlando and Giorgetti ask for sanctions to be tightened. The doubts of Palazzo Chigi

by Serenella Mattera

Giorgetti: “Sentence shows that the approach was wrong”

The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti is satisfied: “The decision of the Court of Trieste, which accepts the appeal of the unions, shows that Wartsila’s approach was wrong, as repeatedly reported to the company. We are happy for the workers and we look forward to to continue in the spirit of a unitary territorial system that emerged in the last meeting at the Mise “.

Workers and industrialists in the square together with Trieste for the engine factory

by our correspondent Marco Contini

The trade unions: “Important ruling that makes jurisprudence”

The territorial union representatives of Trieste of Uilm (Antonio Rodà), Fiom-Cgil (Marco Relli) and regional of Fim-Cisl (Gianpiero Turus), express “great satisfaction” for the decree of the labor judge of the Court of Trieste which accepted their appeal. “An important ruling, according to jurisprudence, is also a deterrent for other multinationals”, they commented. “I am extremely satisfied with the
the fact that our theses were fully accepted by the Judge of Trieste with a quick and very well motivated provision. We hope to have made a contribution to solving the Wartsila employment problem “, added the lawyer Vincenzo Martino, who assists the trade unions in the legal matter.

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