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a walk to meet the dolphins that are faithful to the bluest Gulf

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a walk to meet the dolphins that are faithful to the bluest Gulf

They are electric. They seem synchronized when they make big jumpswhich make them appear and disappear within the sea, emerging between pearls of foam. These are the common dolphins, which are a little smaller than the ‘bottlenose’ and less athletic than the dusky dolphins, that always navigate in the depths and They perform pirouettes worthy of a circus artist.

But, whatever its variety, The species can be discovered through a nautical tour that takes you to see them, where the sea is pure mystery and they have their habitat. That tour, which is quite an experience, is done by a company that It departs from Piedras Coloradas, the spa that is 5 km south of Las Grutas.

A dolphin surprising with its skills. The wonder species

Boarded on a giant semi-rigid boat, which has space for no more and no less than 31 people (29 passengers, the captain and a guide). That ship travels 12 km from the shore, towards the depths of the water, and There begins an adventure that lasts between 2 and 3 hours, because if the animals are shown in their fullness, time stretches without rushing, so that everyone can treasure images.

The little dolphins win over everyone with their sympathy

As with any wildlife watching tour, it is not guaranteed to see all the species that live in the area. But since the San Matías Gulf is especially rich in diversity, So far these excursions do not disappoint. On the contrary, they amaze.

Seeing marine fauna in its habitat is quite an experience

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The idea, therefore, is to be able to see the spectrum of characters that inhabit the area (penguins, one- and two-haired sea lions, birdlife…) but Target especially the dolphins, because these animals have a very special connection with the spa.

Like posing for the photo. Dolphins are pure charisma

It happens that through research led years ago by a Belgian biologist named Els Vermeulen It was discovered that about 70 baby dolphins (of the ‘bottlenose’ type) resided all year round on these coasts. That It was known thanks to a photo identification work, because adult specimens of the species have cuts and scars on their dorsal fin, which allow them to be individualized.

All These data are learned in depth during the excursion, which, beyond being hilarious, allows you to learn a lot about marine fauna.

Sailing is magical. And seeing the dolphins in the sea, moving.

The rest is to let yourself be carried away by the sensations that navigation awakens, that are unique. Among them, the wind and the salty breeze hitting our faces, the intense colors of the landscape and that smell of the sea hugging us tightly, so that we fall even more in love with its freshness.
Prices? Sailing costs $28,000 per person (from 4 years old onwards) and $26,000 if paid in cash (paper). For reports, on Instagran @atlánticoavistajes. Safety pin.

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