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ATEN strike this Tuesday and the new salary proposal will be analyzed in assemblies

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ATEN strike this Tuesday and the new salary proposal will be analyzed in assemblies

The ATEN teaching union carries out this Tuesday, March 4, the second day of the 48-hour strike. Today there will be assemblies throughout the province to analyze the latest salary proposal made by Rolando Figueroa’s government. From They described the leadership of the union as “insufficient.” On Monday there was a mobilization in the center of Neuquén.

Saturday was the last table between ATEN and the Executive. The Government indicated that a new salary update scheme was offered for the period February 2024 to January 2025, with increases in the months of April, July, October and January of next year.

For the April update, will consider the salary for the month of March 2024, which will accumulate the CPI variations for the months of February and March 2024.

From the Government, they added that the proposal indicated that in the following updates the accumulated variation of the immediately previous quarter will be applied: the update for July 2024 will arise from the accumulated CPI for the months of April, May and June, on the salary established in the last update made in April.

Likewise in October 2024, with the accumulated CPI for the months of July, August and Septemberon the salary established in the last update of the first month of the quarter. And in January 2025, it will be the accumulated CPI for the months of October, November and December 2024, on the salary established in the last update of October 2024.

Furthermore, they reported that a sum of an extraordinary nature, non-remunerative and non-rewardable for a position of 100,000 pesos to be paid within the first half of March, extendable to the passive sector according to the proportions established by law. For directors with Extended and Full Time modality, the amount will be $200,000.

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It was also recalled that throughout fiscal year 2024 The concept of the National Teaching Incentive Fund (FONID and Connectivity) will continue to be paid. with provincial resources, as announced by Governor Rolando Figueroa.

At the end of the meeting that took place on Saturday, the general secretary of ATEN, He described the new proposal as superior to the previous one, but “insufficient.” He stated that It does not take into account the inflation that occurred in the month of January.

This Tuesday, In the assemblies that the union will hold throughout the province, the latest salary offer will be analyzed. It will then be decided in a plenary session.

From the teachers union They pointed out that in yesterday’s march more than 10 thousand people mobilized in the streets of Neuquén.

Tobares maintained that the proposal to teachers is “the best in the country”

The Minister of Government, Jorge Tobares, maintained that the proposal made to the state unions is “the best at the country level.”

He said that, during the months of January and February, “the Government paid each of the teachers the National Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid), which is estimated 10% of salary. This payment was made with its own resources, since this is a responsibility of the National State.”

He added that the provincial government is taking charge of a series of current expenses that were covered, in part, by items or transfers that the national government had to make and about which he was bound by law. Among them he mentioned contributions that have to do with infrastructure, maintenance expenses, as well as items related to dining rooms and others that allowed connectivity and part of transportation to be addressed.

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The minister added that “the province of Neuquén has 400 public works stopped because we do not receive transfers from the Nation. A large part of these works impact education, because It is about schools, colleges and improving infrastructure. In this context, we hope that there is a reflective, prudent attitude on the part of the teachers and that there is an understanding and support in this context to the salary proposal, which is the best proposal at the country level.”

In the joint elections, the provincial government agreed with ATE, UPCN, y Negotiations continue with ATEN and the road workers.

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