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Avarice – Avarice

(c) Rune Asak

In 2006, a bunch of teenagers from Aarhus, Denmark, hit local stages, released two demos, won a big band contest, played a few gigs with Kreator, Soilwork and Volbeat, only to disappear again two years later. Only 2021 reported Avarice back, presented an acclaimed EP and signed to UPRISING! Records to finally redeem early promises. The first album, just that „Avarice“ titled, poaching in the melodic death and thrash environment with a classic Danish touch.

The crisp “Between The Trenches” goes forward from the first second and makes a lot of noise. Anders Sindling’s metal scream is a bit deceptive, then brutal growls and screams await behind it, while the death-thrash mixture goes steep. High tempo, a bit of groove in between, apocalyptic melodies to sprinkle over, and a very present woofer – that puts you in a good mood. “Blood Turns Black” employs a Slayer-esque riff before Avarice sprinkle their own spice on top. Especially the clumsiness of the arrangement puts you in a good mood, a kind of toxic waltz is used, crosses the Bay Area with Gothenburg and more modern crossover thrash.

“Overflowing Coffins” begins ominously, letting an oppressive, clear melody rattle through again and again. It’s a rare slack, the combination with grooving Death-Thrash makes for a bit of a start-stop, the song doesn’t really want to ignite. However, this exception remains, because all around the Danes reach out courageously. There is, for example, the rate-discharged “Punished With Existence” complete with a manic solo whose poisonousness only comes through late, or the delightfully oppressive “Slaughter” which lashes out with growing enthusiasm. “Conquer” also wants to be mentioned separately. Here the melodic integration works wonderfully and surprises with an anthemic refrain of the very first class.

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Aside from a mini miss, Avarice are pretty damn strong. Their death-thrash mix may seem a bit antiquated by now, but it turns out to be a hit, because there’s a lot of passion and playfulness in it. Obvious uncompromisingness, brutal vigour, and disturbing melody at the right time result in a powerful mix that cannot be ignored. The wrecking ball may have gotten stuck in the mid-nineties, but the strong songs and the exciting presentation speak a clear language: Avarice have finally arrived, and more than confidently.

Rating: 8/10

Available from: 09.06.2023
Available from: UPRISING! Records / Target Records (SPV)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AvariceDK

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