Home Entertainment Beibei Film Filmmaker Forum held a hot discussion “Youth expression and the spirit of the times” in Beijing

Beibei Film Filmmaker Forum held a hot discussion “Youth expression and the spirit of the times” in Beijing

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Beibei Film Filmmaker Forum held a hot discussion “Youth expression and the spirit of the times” in Beijing

Original title: Beibei Festival Youth Filmmaker Forum held a hot discussion in Beijing “Youth expression and the spirit of the times”

International Online Report (Reporter Wang Yi’an): On August 17, the 12th Beijing International Film Festival Young Filmmakers Forum was held at Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. This forum is hosted by Beijing Normal University and Beijing International Film Festival. Wen Muye, Yao Tingting, Yu Xi, Li Gen, Chen Jianying and other young filmmakers discussed hot topics in the current domestic film creation and shared their experiences.

The theme of this forum is “Expression of Youth and the Spirit of the Times”. In recent years, the new mainstream films have made great progress and breakthroughs in terms of themes and forms, and a number of outstanding works have emerged. Young filmmakers have played an increasingly important role. They pay close attention to social reality and innovative expression forms. The power of images conveys the spirit of the times. The new generation of film creators are increasingly active in the Chinese film market, making continuous breakthroughs in themes, content and creative techniques, promoting new and diversified changes in Chinese films.

Young director Wen Muye said that letting each character be three -dimensional in a limited space, which is his filming standard. When talking about the group-like expression technique that is often used in his works, Wen Muye said that a single individual is not enough to fully support a group of people. “I did not strengthen myself, but my standard is that every character in the movie try to make them three -dimensional. The early stage of shooting” I am not a medicine god “, I will visit patients, doctors, and medical representatives to collect a lot Data, extract the relatively representative essence; During the filming of “Miracle Stupid Child”, I visited the talent market and electronics factory, first investigated, and then found places that can be filled in these materials in the movie space. While controlling the amount and serving the story, there must be a certain texture of the character’s texture, which not only serves the entire film and the temperament of everyone. “Wen Muye believes that field surveys are important. “.

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Participants expressed that in the process of China‘s transition from a big film country to a powerful film country, young filmmakers shoulder the mission entrusted by history and the times. In the new mainstream movies in recent years, more and more young filmmakers have shown surprising talent and vitality, bringing many excellent works.Return to Sohu, see more


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