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BLIND CHANNEL – Exit Emotions

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BLIND CHANNEL – Exit Emotions

Exit Emotions
(Modern Metal | Nu Metal)

Label: Century Media
Format: (LP)

Release: 01.03.2024

It’s this feeling of never being enough is what drives us forward right now,” vocalist Niko Vilhem says. “We got our huge breakthrough, but it’s been also a scary time, like all this has been probably the scariest year in our livesNiko Vilhem

As is well known, the Finns from BLIND CHANNEL really attracted attention with their ESC appearance in 2021 and the sixth place they achieved there. They were no longer newcomers back then, and the Northmen are now coming along with their fifth album. The song is called “Exit Emotions” and is said to be the band’s heaviest album to date, but still has enough catchiness and pop appeal to really hit the spot.

And the words are immediately followed by actions, because the opener with the idiosyncratic title “Wo Den Ern Ist” starts off heavy with electronically enhanced, heavy riffs, a few djent borrowings and harsh vocals. In the chorus, however, an anthemic stadium rock flair comes into play, delicate keys and synths repeatedly join in with buttery-soft clean vocals, while “Woahaha” choirs will animate the audience in the future. After that, “Deadzone” is a real hit candidate that could even compete with “Dark Side”. Cool, driving alternative rock riffs, various types of chanting and some electronica introduce the song, before the chorus invites you to growl along, encourages you to jump along and inevitably drills into your ear canals.

As the album progresses, BLIND CHANNEL delivers everything you know and expect from them, but more specifically, better to the point and with simply more hit potential than before. Nu Metal elements are repeatedly combined such as grooving bass, the aforementioned synths and some rap interludes from the two frontmen. Nevertheless, nowadays the focus is more on the haunting choruses, no less memorable melodies and the clean vocals that always make you want to join in. Dark undertones like in the brutal finale of “Wolves In California”, crazy effects and distortions like in the LINKIN PARK memorial track “Xoxo” or pop vibes like in “Phobia”, which is partly a power ballad and partly a wild metalcore song additional variety and show that the Finns are still acting creatively and courageously instead of standing still.

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While BLIND CHANNEL have really increased their hardness in some corners, they are trying to make it more radio-friendly at other ends. Since both sides come into play in most of the tracks, such as the furious “Happy Zimmertag”, and the whole thing mostly seems likeable and informally implemented, I don’t even want to mention this as a pure criticism. The boys simply manage to connect worlds, invite you to go wild, mosh and freak out, but also manage to invite the listener to wallow, dream and sing along. “Exit Emotions” is perhaps the strongest, but definitely most ambitious album from the Finnish high-flyers.

Tracklist „Exit Emotions“:

1. Where Den Ern Is
2. Deadzone
3. Wolves In California
4. Xoxo
5. Keeping It Surreal
6. Die Another Day
7. Phobia
8. Happy room day
9. Red Tail Lights
10. Not Your Bro
11. Flatline
12. One Last Time Again
Total playing time: –


BLIND CHANNEL – Exit EmotionsLineUp:Joel Hokka – VocalsNiko Vilhelm Moilanen – VocalsJoonas Porko – GuitarOlli Matela – BassTommi Lalli – DrumsAlexi Kaunisvesi – DJ, Percussion7.5…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org /”, “@type”: “Organization”, “name”: “BLIND CHANNEL – Exit Emotions”,”image”: [
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