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Burberry Unveils Spring/Summer 2023 Collection – DoNews

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Burberry Unveils Spring/Summer 2023 Collection – DoNews

On September 27, “At the time of midsummer in the UK, the beach has naturally evolved into a gathering place for the creative community, where people from diverse cultural backgrounds meet here and experience simple happiness together. I want to bring this new season of spring and summer collections to this place. The spirit and emotions of reunion and shared joy are vividly expressed.

The new series is inspired by the beach, where people from different cultural backgrounds meet and integrate, and encourages free expression. The vigorous vitality displayed in the collision of restraint and enthusiasm, ingeniously interprets Burberry’s modern style.

The series will explore new senses of body cognition. The free pioneer and pioneering and innovative spirit of the new generation inspires multiple design inspirations, and the courage to accept and show the self-identity of somaesthetics is also the modern force of freedom and relaxation created by Burberry. “

— Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Director of Burberry, Credit: © Courtesy of Burberry

Burberry has always advocated community, coexistence, and the spirit of free exploration, and has always insisted on creating new horizons with creativity.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Chief Creative Director Riccardo Tisci takes inspiration from the British seaside, abandoning single elements such as cliffs, sand or shells, and focusing on the beach. As a community hub and multicultural melting pot, the beach will connect different worlds and explore the intersection of nature and culture.

Just as the beach can accommodate the multi-faceted society, the new series also tries to explore the concept of multi-dimensional coexistence through clothing, and revive the British style – new energy and historical precipitation, interpersonal privacy and alienation, rough and delicate style, all at the level of consciousness It presents a sensory contradiction and interweaving in the form of external expression.

The changeable weather and British temperament in the UK have created a traditional layered look, which is subtle and restrained. The long skirt silhouette was inspired in part by swimwear’s use of graceful lines. The denim fabric is exposed to the sun, and the Trench windbreaker is rebuilt to create more body space.

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The new collection reinterprets British style with fresh perspectives, different situations and new truths: on a summer beach, a black gothic back pacing and whispering; evening dresses are surreal in a timeless elegance ; And the English rose through the thorns, full of fragrance, ushered in a beautiful adventure.

Inspired by the seaside and reimagined in London, the brand’s birthplace, the new collection celebrates the idealism and realism inherent in classic British attitudes.

The Burberry Spring/Summer 2023 show was accompanied by soprano Nadine Sierra and the London Contemporary Orchestra, performing a special composition by Paul Mealor.

new series

The new collection celebrates the body, the beach and the Burberry brand spirit. Men’s and women’s wear fuses the sensual and intellectual – outerwear and pieces inspired by lingerie, swimwear and women’s pajamas are layered with deconstructed elements to create garments that are both decorative and functional.

Credit: © Courtesy of Burberry

The Trench trench coat is as unique as ever. Skirts and jackets feature washed gabardine with a slightly gathered back. Sleeveless pieces for men and women are full of summer vibes. Leather pieces and biker jackets are designed to blend in with each other to complement each other.

The long skirt design is integrated into the style of the swimsuit – the long skirt is integrated with the bodysuit, and the line is emphasized by the cutout of the belly. The skirt is fastened to a bodysuit with a trailing tail. In menswear, swimwear designs are combined with trousers, folded over as a decorative detail at the waistband.

Menswear combines sportswear with tailored boutiques: Fitted tailored pieces are mixed with comfortable, loose-fitting streetwear, while loose-fitting wide-leg pants, sweatshirts, and T-shirts subvert traditional forms, reinventing themselves for a new sense of the body . Menswear is layered in delicate lace and tulle, light and soft.

Layering is an essential element of this season’s design. The model framed the look in an embroidered tulle bodysuit and fishnet skirt. The body under the silhouette, decorated with either hollow or transparent details, presents rich layers. Alluring and sensual lace recurs in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes, highlighting the appeal of women’s pajama designs, both as accessories and as a decorative detail for outerwear, freshly integrated into exquisite tailoring.

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Inspired by the sea, the new collection features bold inflatable details, a playful nod to childhood water toys and flotation aids. Duality and multiple perspectives are themes that Burberry has been exploring and continuing, and this new collection combines naive childhood games with exquisite craftsmanship, reinterpreting elegant velvet evening dresses – a dress with function The velvet fabric, proportionally filled with gas, is inherently modern and at the same time endowed with an idealized ultra-feminine quality.


For the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, a new bag debuted in a variety of leathers and embellished with oversized crystals. The new bag is compact in size, with a zippered pocket and a bold round zipper pull, shown by the model in hand. There are also bags crafted from new smooth calfskin or any inflatable rubber, suspended over the arm, simulating a flotation device, echoing the theme of the new season.

OVERSIZED TOTE – The soft, sculptural Catherine bag has a refreshed logo embossing on the front pocket for a new oversized tote. Also on display is the Lola bag, both of which explore different materials such as leather and fabric, embossing and hollowing out, and the color palette echoes the new season’s style.


Inspired by summer, the new season features flat-heeled and high-heeled sandals, with simple, classic silhouettes that define the foot, and styles in different finishes, fabrics and textures. Luxurious leather for everyday wear, inflatable rubber is applied to the exaggerated signature Y-strap. Otherwise. The new model takes inspiration from marine sports and uses surfboard straps in sandals. Other styles are adorned with crystals or pearls, such as the deep birch-brown check with all-over crystal. The shoe also features pendants or natural materials from the ocean, such as the TB logo pendant and shark teeth.

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New season accessories combine function with decoration. Inspired by the valves of inflatable life jackets and flotation aids, the rings are cast in silicone and silver. Cast in metal, resin or silicone, shark teeth are polished into rings or used as accessories to compliment shoes. Drop earrings and sunglasses have shark-shaped temples. Surreal goggles are designed to be accessories, either embellished with crystals or strung together like jewels.

Wide-brimmed sun hats and visors are revived in different materials: lace and leather, as well as lightweight, transparent sustainable PVC. The classic bow hair clip is available in a padded oversized size, accented with black velvet or dark birch brown.

Theme printing

The new season’s motif is Burberry’s dark birch brown check, which is renewed alongside the equestrian knight logo as a recurring one-piece print, embroidered or flocked into the new lace. Classic patterns are varied: polka dots are presented in bright tones, combined with embroidered chain buttons and perforated leather, reinterpreting classic elements. The wide stripe pattern is reminiscent of beach loungers, echoing the beach theme of the season.

theme color

Burberry archive colors: light beige gabardine, dark birch brown. Shades of the sea: dark azurite denim, cobalt blue, opal blue. Pajama shades: lotus pink, yellow, duck egg blue, creating a subtle contrast with red and marigold yellow. Charcoal grey contrasts with the colourful gothic black in the pattern, like the clear shadows cast by the summer sun.

themed fabric

In the new season fabrics, nature and craftsmanship, advanced technology and craftsmanship contrast. The washing process gives Burberry gabardine a new softness, and there are other innovative fabrics such as exposed and washed denim, washed plain weave and rib. Flowy fabrics, fine wools, glossy rayon jerseys and wet-coats, crinkled silks and functional velvets, embroidered and flocked equestrian logo lace, sport meshes and fishnets are all available in the fabrics that give the pieces a vibrant feel. At the same time, it also perfectly echoes and presents the Burberry collection and renewal elements.

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