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Chen Kaige, Liu Zhenyun, Hsu Qi, Chen Sicheng voice “Let’s Make Movie” for young directors to help Chinese original films-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Chen Kaige, Liu Zhenyun, Shu Qi, Chen Sicheng voice “Let’s Make Movie” for young directors to help Chinese original films

Recently, “Let’s Make the Movie” once again released a promotional film. The members of the “Green Lantern” composed of director Chen Kaige, writer Liu Zhenyun, actor Shu Qi, and producer Chen Sicheng shared their original intentions for participating in the show and their views on the film in a total of 20 minutes. His understanding and expectations of young directors.

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As iQIYI’s upcoming variety show, “Let’s Make Movie” positions young directors to create reality shows, and presents the Chinese film ecology to audiences by taking into account mass entertainment and content professionalism. Six young directors Hao Jie, Peng Yulun, Wang Luodan, Yi Xiaoxing, Desert, and Hu Guohan will bring a number of short film works to compete for the dream seat-iQiyi’s opportunity to shoot a feature film.

Film is an important art form that promotes national quality, national aesthetics, and cultural cultivation. The audience should see its value and give more respect to the director and the work. Chen Kaige believes that film is a young director’s cognition of the world, himself and the things around him. Everyone needs movies in their lives. It is a friend who always accompanies me. All the short films in “Let’s Make the Movie” will tell the audience the lives of ordinary people and present real stories. The writer Liu Zhenyun also believes that movies are the wisdom of collective creation and need to be restored to reality to show the feelings and thinking of Chinese people.

(Director Chen Kaige)

(Writer Liu Zhenyun)

The entire film industry chain needs to go through a series of complex and professional processes such as script creation, actor matching, search for investment, filming and production, film release, and market evaluation. The director, as the core role, influences the style and the final presentation of the work. At the moment, young directors are in a period of strong desire for creation and expression. They have the courage to create and need the stage to be seen by the audience. In the short film, actor Shu Qi mentioned that in the process of shooting works, young directors can always be seen full of enthusiasm and light in their eyes. “Start Filming Movie” set up a stage to help young directors’ dreams come true. Talking about the style of the work, the producer Chen Sicheng expects the young director to tell the story of the Chinese through his work.

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(Actor Shu Qi)

(Producer Chen Sicheng)

Upholding respect for art, the 6 young directors and 4 members of the “Green Lantern Party” in “Let’s Make Movies” will show the film ecology through the creation process of 19 high-quality short films on the show, so that more people will respect the film. The program also provides free expression space for young filmmakers, helping them to use original works to insight into social reality and portray the outlook of the times. It is reported that “Let’s Make Movie” will be launched exclusively on iQiyi.


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