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A 200m² apartment in the the 80s completely renovated by architect Ana Flávia Dal Fabbro. She went with the owner to evaluate the property even before purchasing and during the visit they already decided that they would rethink spatially the entire apartment.

The environments were quite fragmented, with many small rooms and rooms, with an entrance hall that divided the social area from the intimate area, without any integration. As a first step, the architect decided to remove the entrance box, the hall, bathroom, closet and hallway that divided the apartment in two.

Another important point was demolishing one of the rooms with a bathroom that became a TV room and toilet, which is why throughout the apartment we see several wooden columns, they are the water and sewage plumbs covered, the engineer did not agree to leave the display for fear of some accident burst the pipes.

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O slatted wooden lininga brick wall and the single floor They play an important role in the integration and separation of environments. The floor of the room, previously lowered, was filled and leveled. The wood chosen was cumaru, the owners who are lawyers have an affectionate memory of darker woods.

We broke everything down, we integrated everything, one of the demands was a kitchen integrated with the living room since the client really likes the adventure of being a chef. One of the owner’s wishes was to have a closet. To achieve this, one of the maid’s rooms became a double bathroom and the old bathroom became a closet.

To separate the dining room and kitchen, a gourmet area between them, separated by a sliding sheet metal door, while the kitchen is separated from the laundry room with an iron frame with glass. The office and TV room can be separated from the main room, and from each other, by a cumaru wooden sliding door.

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