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concert #51: say yes dog @ arena | 11/10/2023

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concert #51: say yes dog @ arena |  11/10/2023

Everyday life off, music in the arena on: “Say Yes Dog” ensured an entertaining evening with dance music and lights!

That evening I actually only went to the arena because of the arena. I just wanted to be in the arena, see a concert, escape from everyday life and just exist. Yes, my mood wasn’t in the best again due to work, so I was even more excited to get out to Erdberg and the arena.

Together with my companion, I found myself in the front rows and a short time later we started: “bokeh“ from Berlin entered the stage and at first glance she embodied exactly my idea of ​​“I don’t want to grow up in Berlin”. I then quickly googled a few details about her because I found her very fascinating and had to answer some questions in my head.

Electro-pop with a bit of autotune in raver garb with a cap and white platform sneakers paired with a lot of light and a few but outstanding poses and gestures. The concept of bokeh was finished, minimalist but meaningful. The only problem that evening: the sound wasn’t always 100% as it should be.

say yes dogNext they scurried onto the stage in the small hall of the arena. The first thing that caught my eye wasn’t the band, but the background of the stage: there were a lot of mirrors hanging there and ideas immediately formed in my head about what this mirror construct would look like in combination with a light show. But at first the band played their set very solidly, without a lot of frills, with full focus on the music.

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Very soon I realized that the sound problem still existed with “Say Yes Dog”. I wandered around a bit and singer Aaron Ahrends’ voice was often very quiet. But well, I couldn’t change that and I had to make the best of the situation – so I focused a little more on the wonderful light and the band’s stage presence.

The mirror curtain and the cold light complemented each other perfectly with the cool electro tones of “Say Yes Dog”. The songs kept piling up and then fell into a beat that encouraged the audience in attendance to dance. in general: this whole underground flair was so wonderful! It was also wonderful that so many people found their way into the arena. When I looked around, I was pleasantly surprised at how many cool people there are in Vienna.

So while I was concentrating on everything other than the band, “Say Yes Dog” was on the verge of banging out a few hits. When “a friend” sounded, I knew it was now my time to shake a leg. The melodies and the sound structure underneath encouraged me to surrender to the song, even if the singing could only be heard as a quiet breath. But aside from that, I noticed that I particularly remembered the numbers that had wonderful basslines. A highlight with a lot of bass, for example, was “3 (home)”. But the following hit “Stronger” also catapulted me into a little ecstasy!

At some point the band also threw out a short modern-talking cover of “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” and well, that didn’t have to happen somehow. The encore block, on the other hand, was obligatory, but it wasn’t as convincing as the song before the encore block, namely “focus”. This third to last song was so incredibly fun, every single person in the crowd was rocking along to this song.

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And then the concert was over again and we rushed over to the Arena Beisl for a final drink. That evening, every room in the arena was filled and there was a huge crowd of people around all the arena buildings. In any case, I was very happy to have experienced this evening – the escape from everyday life had been successfully completed!

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