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Cultural Summer Vienna 2023: The program is here! – mica

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Cultural Summer Vienna 2023: The program is here!  – mica

Vienna (OTS)Always the same is bland. And leaving your own bubble more often is good for everyone. This is exactly what the bulging game plan encourages. The diversity and quality of the local art and culture scene is overwhelming and even surprises culture professionals. Over 2000 artists from the fields of cabaret, literature, music, performance, dance, theater and contemporary circus will be on the open-air stages from June 30th to August 13th. With free entry, everyone is cordially invited to stop by and linger as long as it is fun.

Cultural door opener

The festival invites you to a cultural sundowner: every Thursday to Sunday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the artists provide cultural entertainment. In the mornings there is a program for families and young audiences on selected days. Admission is free everywhere. In this way, visitors can casually drop by the performances and stay as long as they enjoy it. Mayor Michael Ludwig is convinced of this concept: “Access to culture must not depend on a privately filled purse. Therefore, in challenging times, it is all the more important to create an offer for everyone, from which the artists on the stages also benefit.”

Pop-up stages all over Vienna

The Grätzel, in which the nine pop-up stages are located, are charming and offer variety such as bathing, playground and sports fields as well as bars and pubs. In summer, the cultural summer in Vienna complements the leisure opportunities.

Since this year, the stages have been distributed exclusively to districts outside the belt. All locations are easily accessible by public transport or WienMobil bikes. With the action code KULTUR23, visitors can cycle 2 x 30 minutes free of charge to the stages during the festival (June 30th to August 13th).

  • Favorite water tower (10th district)
  • Herder Park (11th district)
  • Congress Park (16th Ward)
  • Mortarapark (20. Bezirk)
  • Mühlshakelpark (21st district)
  • Meischlgasse ASK Erlaa (23rd District)
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New locations:

  • Reithofferpark (15. Bezirk)
  • Währinger Park (18th district)
  • Schrödingerplatz (22nd district)

As a sign of social interaction and in the fight against sudden cardiac death, the association PULS 2023 all cultural summer stages with defibrillators.

NEW: Summer of Culture Plus: Workshops, Talks & Co

For those who don’t just want to watch, but want to take part themselves, there are workshops, talks and other hands-on formats in the Summer of Culture Plus programme. Juggling with the circus collective in kaudawelsch, rapping with AYE-sight or exchanging songs with Tonica Hunter at a music picnic+ – visitors can experience all this and much more in the interactive accompanying program. Celebrates during the festival period Cultural Summer Plus every Saturday in cooperation with WIENXTRA-Ferienspiel a children’s festival – with a stage program, Hollis Grätzl bikes and outdoor games. City Councilor for Culture Veronica Kaup-Hasler is looking forward to this program: “What is new is the offer of not just consuming culture, but making it yourself together with others. The cultural summer stages are ideal meeting places and important building blocks for our vision of art and culture for everyone. Because even with these interactive offers for all generations, the motto is: Admission free!” More information at www.kultursommer.wien/kultursommerplus

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