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Demingxuan Naming Hall Teacher Wang: “Today’s Fortune Theory” Monday, November 22, 2021

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Original title: Teacher Wang of Demingxuan Naming Hall: “Today’s Fortune Theory” Monday, November 22, 2021

Demingxuan Naming Hall Teacher Wang: “Today’s Fortune Talk” November 22, 2021, Monday Xiaoxue

On the eighteenth day of the lunar calendar

[Today’s Ganzhi]: Xin Chou Year, Jihai Month, Jiaxu Day

【Lucky Zodiac】: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse. The Chinese Zodiac Tiger has good fortune today, but we must guard against speculative behaviors due to greed, and work hard to deal with work and family troubles. Today, we will feel bright and blue. The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit has a good career opportunity today. You can move around more and consider how you will transform and develop. Single men have the opportunity to get out of the singles. Zodiac horse today has more in-depth thinking about career work, and careful planning can make good decisions.

【Pingyun Zodiac】: Snake, Monkey, Pig. The zodiac snake today has a very clear thinking and strong judgment ability, so he can avoid detours in his work. The monkey of the Chinese zodiac may encounter new opportunities and challenges today, and its own abilities can be brought into full play, so it is easy to have additional gains. Although the zodiac pig is likely to encounter pressure and difficulties today, it will be resolved smoothly in the end.

【The God of Wealth Direction】: Northeast. In the position of the God of Wealth, it is suitable for money-seeking, trading and other things related to money-seeking.

[Xi Shen Location]: Northeast. It is suitable to make friends and fall in love in the position of Xishen, which greatly enhances your relationship with the opposite sex.

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[Fu Shen location]: True North. It is suitable to meet and study at the position of Fushen.

[Shengmen position]: Southwest. It is suitable to seek medical advice, escape danger, etc. in the direction of life.

Happiness is accumulated little by little. People who regard life as a journey will always encounter scenery. Let us support a long bamboo together, exile our body and mind into the mountains and waters, and embrace a tender tenderness. With a pure heart, read the scenery on Hongchen Road and wait for the blooming season of your life, good morning!Return to Sohu to see more


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