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Disastroid – Garden Creatures

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Disastroid – Garden Creatures

(c) Brendon Crigler

Running with their unique mix of stoner sludge and noise rock Disastroid Doors have been open for some time. A tough, riff-heavy demeanor meets absolute unpredictability. You never really know where the journey is going – an approach that helped the comparatively reduced, direct “Mortal Fools” mature into a powerhouse four years ago. For the successor „Garden Creatures“ The trio from San Francisco strived for more darkness, more heaviness and an overall more complex approach.

This record is framed by perhaps its two raunchiest songs. While the bouncer “Jack Londonin’” condenses 90s noise into a good two minutes and flirts with punk dynamics, the opening title track uses the long format. “Garden Creatures” lets raw energy flow into doomy sludge realms and collide with sweet, oppressive riffs. Again and again the digression leads to melodic moments of leaden heaviness that always seem to be twitching. Enver Koneya elicits the perfect mix of pathos and madness from his vocal cords, and the psychedelic-tinged insert in the middle also knows how to entertain.

“24” is another treat that knows how to be cozy but is anything but relaxed. Behind the facade of the reduced tempo there is an explosive mixture, whiny and sometimes loud with an unexpected grunge touch, while the somewhat surprising final act at least hints at the great rock anthem. In the gigantic “Figurative Object”, Disastroid let off steam creatively, giving the instrumental loops and turns the necessary freedom, releasing omnipresent heaviness in installments, while the guitars escalate more and more. The mania tiptoes closer and unleashes a colossal finale.

Disastroid uncover a new layer by adding more – this contradiction in itself is resolved with welcome pleasure when “Garden Creatures” focuses on atmosphere and does so with growing enthusiasm. The new heaviness, the much darker sound, the whining noise rock and the sweet riffs in the midst of doomy heaviness – you know the ingredients, but the US trio puts them together a little differently and in this way achieves a thrilling precision landing. Disastroid handles the light skinning with familiar means well and reveals a wonderfully nervous, reef-powerful treat.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: February 23, 2024
Available via: Heavy Psych Sounds Records (Cargo Records)

Website: www.disastroid.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/disastroid

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