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Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Gala GAI Zhou Yan’s “China” and “Orchid Grass” resonate across generations

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Original title: Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Gala, GAI Zhou Yan, “China” and “Orchid Grass” cross generations to resonate

On December 31st, DMG artist GAI Zhou Yan was invited to participate in the 2022 Oriental TV New Year’s Eve Ceremony of Dreaming Orient. He sang loudly and sang Chinese style songs “China” and “Orchid Grass”. On the top of the Qianshan Mountains, there is a lot of pride, and Baiyun and Qingshan are here to sing. Xinhualiu’s rap leader GAI Zhou Yan and many superstars of the times compose the scorching national wave, express the passion of the Chinese soul with songs, and set off together in a beautiful new era. Welcome to the hopeful 2022.

GAI Zhou Yan sang the songs “Hua Xia” and “Orchid Grass” at Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve Gala, and he was still excited after listening to it. The heroic lyrics and melody together create a majestic Chinese charm. From personal aspirations to family and country feelings, from focusing on ordinary heroes to paying tribute to the role models of the times, GAI Zhou Yan has both singing skills and personal style, combining traditions and trends in singing methods, and interprets the emotions and spirits expressed in these two songs. Majestic. On social platforms, “China” and “Orchid Grass” received rave reviews, and some netizens even broke the praise of grandma. At this level, GAI Zhou Yan’s Xinhualiu rap song truly achieved collective emotional resonance across generations.

Every era has excellent music works that conform to the appearance, characteristics and spirit of the era, and a group of young people are singing and praising the most passionate homeland feelings in their hearts. These highly contagious songs have brought us infinitely moved, and passed on to us a strong sense of national belonging and spiritual strength.

Recently, the gift song “Common Dream” led by GAI Zhou Yan, produced by Kinmeng Music, was also launched globally on the occasion of the New Year, and was officially recommended by the People’s Daily. Singing Chinese stories in Chinese rap and spreading the Chinese civilization to the world is the philosophy and goal of GAI Zhou Yan and Chang Meng Music to develop Chinese rap culture.

Prior to this, the new Chinese style song “Hua Xia” created by GAI Zhou Yan had already exploded. The song has penetrated the rich spiritual wealth and cultural heritage of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization. “Hua Xia” has become a hit. In addition to the artistic value of the music itself, it also points to its fit with the current patriotic trend of the younger generation.

Frequent on the CCTV stage, recommended and supported by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and People’s Daily, and included in the nine-year compulsory education music textbook, these mainstream certifications are sufficient to illustrate the influence and value of “China“.

Click on the song “Hua Xia” on various audio and video websites, all with high reputation! The barrage frantically swiped the screen “absolute”, “yyds”, “positive energy”, “I will enter China in this life, and I will still be a Chinese in the next life”, and the comments from overseas Chinese and foreign friends are also very moving. “I heard crying in the Western Hemisphere, really I miss China very much.” “I’m in the United States, thank you for your wonderful music, long live the Chinese.” “I’m from Britain, and I don’t understand what you are singing, but it’s really burning”… I can get so much reputation He is famous and truly infects people all over the world, which is enough to prove the popularity and music value of “China” in the current era, as well as the far-reaching influence of China‘s civilization on the world.

An all-round singer with excellent vocal and music composition, singing and rap skills

The song “Orchid Grass” originally came from Hu Shi’s poem, and was later adapted into a classic campus ballad of the same name by Chen Xiande and Zhang Bi. In the new era, GAI Zhou Yan gave this song full of nostalgia a new listening experience and meaning through rap, and also demonstrated his outstanding ability to integrate Chinese traditional culture and innovative development spirit. In the traditional frame and mode, adding the elements of trendy rap, this song “Orchid Grass” is closer to and impresses the young people of the moment, and it also maintains the tone and characteristics of Chinese folk music. Because of its profound artistry and heritage, GAI Zhou Yan’s “Orchid Grass” has also been included in the designated reading materials for middle school students in Hunan Province.

“Orchid Grass” has a very inspirational and positive spiritual core. GAI Zhou Yan uses his own life experience to base it, showing an active life and a deep and righteous mind, which is very touching. “There was a light rain on the day I left. I chose to get up early in order to drive my way. There was fog in the mountains. I passed by the tomb of the poetry fairy. Show me the direction. There are fragrance of flowers and bird words along the way. Bring me my brother. Make a good beat. Look at me using 808 to make the primer, and then straddle my trousers. On my back is the brand of the mountain city. Go down the mountain and mark the forest trails. Listen carefully, take it hard, and wave goodbye to my good brother.” Many people have been caught GAI Zhou Yan’s lyrics in “Orchid Grass” were moved by the story and artistic conception, and the experience of “Orchid Grass” published by the well-known music critic Erdi also resonated: On that rainy morning, the sprinkler rang, The friend said goodbye. He (GAI) said that he was sad and crying. The space created by Beat is muddy, dark and empty. The future of this journey is uncertain. The hope and ideals in “Orchid Grass” are that the heart has not been The roughness of the market still retains a pristine place, and the reference to Guan Hanqing is an ancient fantasy born in the barren world. This also has a similar effect in “Tiger Mountain Travel”, which is irreconcilable. Artistic conception and temperament, but because of GAI’s savage meal, they have also merged together, and become a fresh and simple “orchid grass” that is windy, rooted in the secular and surreal.

Whether it is “China” or “Orchid Grass”, making music with national characteristics and cultural roots is GAI Zhou Yan’s consistent philosophy. I hope GAI Zhou Yan can sing all the way and continue to create more moving music works.Return to Sohu to see more


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