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Estudiantes settled among those classified and made life difficult for Boca

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Estudiantes settled among those classified and made life difficult for Boca

Everything indicated that it was a dead tie. A very boring zero to zero, a result that, ultimately, worked for both of them. He kept Boca in the group of four qualifiers, and Estudiantes one victory away from overcoming Lanús, their rival on the last date. But since football is beautiful for these reasons, when no one expected anything, Estudiantes won it in a corner, in the only dangerous play that it generated in this match suspended due to the seizure that Javier Altamirano suffered 26 days before, in a scene that at the same time At first it shocked players and fans, and then generated relief because the Chilean soccer player – now in his country – was beginning his recovery.

Estudiantes won it due to a header by Javier Correa and a mistake by Chiquito Romero, who could not retain or clear a ball that did not seem so difficult. It’s true: at that point in the game it was already raining and the field – and the ball – was already wet, difficult for any goalkeeper, especially in those plays in which the ball hits and acts like a frog. This was the goal. This is how the collective celebration was born at 1 and 57 because suddenly Pincha went from being outside to being inside, almost classified, in second position in zone B.

The game was so close and so rough that as the minutes passed it became clear that it could only be changed by one play. For a goal: and that definition arose through an advance and a perfect header from Correa at the near post, after a corner from Piatti with the angle reversed. The value of this victory became clear at the end, when the stadium creaked with the final whistle and Enzo Pérez, the team’s leader and captain, jumped as if it were a final.

Boca could have changed history with a beautiful performance from Lema – who played, paradoxically, perhaps his best game since he arrived at the club – and a low cross from Zenón that Cavani could not connect. Anything else? No. Neither Boca nor Estudiantes did much more than that. Or yes: the local team scored the goal. And that was enough to take three decisive points.

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