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exclusive members of the 30 Regattas club

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exclusive members of the 30 Regattas club

The three musketeers of the Río Negro International Regatta proudly display an unusual mark among all the paddlers who take part in the traditional journey. Andrés Busnadiego, Omar Linares and Edgardo Cacha Salazar are three of the competitors who have competed in more than 30 editions.

If we take into account that this is the 48th edition, these three experienced paddlers have lived from within more than half of the existence of the legendary marathon canoeing event. Cacha Salazar is the one who ran the most: there were 36 since he competed in the first one at the end of the 80’s. Negro Linares is racing Race 31 and the eternal paddler from the Patagones Municipal School is racing Race 34.

«We started when we were very young with this. Sometimes you project, but the truth is that imagining running my 31st test seems incredible to me. Luckily, the physical preparation that one has done throughout one’s life has accompanied me to make this possible. There have been many testimonies left behind us and it fills me with satisfaction to still be able to maintain balance in an Olympic boat,” he tells us. Linares from Viedma, always racing for his club Quimey Leuvú.

El Negro Linares, a passionate canoeist. (photo/Andrés Maripe)

Cacha Salazar only started running the Regatta at the age of 33, but once he did he didn’t stop. «It was an experience that marked me forever. “Omar is going to have to paddle a little more to pass me,” jokes the paddler from Roque, who dedicates a good part of the year to being a canoeing instructor, not only in his city, but also in Villa Regina as a teacher at the new Canoeing School of that city.

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Salazar at the moment of reaching the end of the second stage, received by his students from the Villa Regina Canoe School. (photo/Andrés Maripe)

«It is a way to prolong what we did for a good part of our lives. In the Regatta itself, to get in tune with the competitive part, I don’t have time for adequate preparation. I come to have a good time, of course if I can win a place in the qualifier, I’m welcome. This is a test to enjoy,” Cacha is sincere. which runs within the K1 master C, the category that is being led by Linares.

On the contrary, Andrés Busnadiego, despite his years, has a keen sense of competition. This year he is competing in the 520 B and has won his category. «I have always tried to race to win, when I have done it alone or in a K2. I was fortunate to accompany my wife in several editions, but this year she was not able to do so due to a family problem. Surely next time we will be running together again.”

When talking about the provincial seedbed that has given so much satisfaction in recent times, Linares maintains that “the work of the schools is very important. Canoeing requires a lot of sacrifice, a lot of training, which at the same time must be accompanied by study. It’s not easy, but there is still a natural talent in our kids for this sport.. “The boy who is doing well, you have to follow him and support him in everything.”

Busnadiego talks about the permanent potential of the EMP, today headed by Damián Pinta, leader of the competition together with Miguel Abraham Saavedra. «There are many others who follow Damián and are going very strong. Today we do not have the complete team due to the harsh economic reality that we have to live in, but the municipality of Patagones always helps us to be in this event and to be able to enjoy the Regatta.

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When we ask them how long they are going to continue paddling, the answer is unanimous: as far as the body. The three musketeers stick out their chests because they know that a good part of the history of the Regatta also passes through them.

Today the fifth partial of the journey that the organization of the test decided to call “Omar Linares” is run.. It will depart at 2:30 p.m. from the De Rege Rural Establishment (km 69 of Route 250), arriving at Guardia Miter. The extension of the partial is 25 kilometers.

To know the complete grid of the fourth stage and the general classification, follow this link:

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