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F.K.Ü. – The Horror And The Metal – Album Review

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F.K.Ü. – The Horror And The Metal – Album Review

F.K.Ü. – The Horror And The Metal
Origin: Uppsala / Sweden
Release: 09.02.2024
Label: Despotz Records
Duration: 35:38
Genre: Thrash Metal

F.K.Ü. were previously unknown to me, but the combination of horror and metal made me check out the digital preview tracks. It didn’t take long before I felt thoroughly entertained and the youthful feeling of years past came back.

But what does the strange abbreviation stand for? F.K.Ü.? The solution is as crazy as it is simple. The abbreviation means Freddy Krueger’s Underwear and only really weird jokers would have thought of it on their own.

The mischief on the back of your neck and pure horror in front of your eyes

In any case, the four Swedes probably had the mischief on their minds and the horror set to music in mind when they decided to form a band at the end of the 1980s. But it still took over ten years until the first demo and debut Metal Moshing Mad von F.K.Ü. were finally finished. Since then there have been publications at regular intervals and now this is the case The Horror And The Metal the sixth album loudly at the door.

This time too the musical theme is Thrash Metal, sometimes groovy, then again a wrecking ball is presented. Cleanly produced, told Larry Lethal macabre stories sometimes in a high voice, sometimes with the full support of their bandmates. The content is inspired by horror from film and literature. Since many horror movie fans love humor in addition to a penchant for deadly events, the band’s lyrics are richly seasoned with black and macabre humor.

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Program with kneeling

The sixth horror prank starts with the eponymous track and F.K.Ü. get going easily, as if the thrash metal clock had stopped for thirty years. The sound and the background choirs in the chorus are immediately reminiscent S.O.D. and Anthrax. This impression is also felt when soaked in speed (He Is) The Antichrist reinforces what you HERE can listen.

F.K.Ü. They leave nothing behind musically and in terms of content and play their way across the entire spectrum of the genre. A bit of influence from Overkill can be found in monster fish fun The Spawning and also after starting the chainsaw Don’t Have to Go to Texas you will get, among other things, quotes from Slayer find. I’m starting to understand the origins and motivation of this album. The Horror And The Metal is not a rip-off, but a kneeling down in front of all the bands that made thrash big and strong.

Bringing Back The Beginnig Of Thrash

That’s why it’s not surprising that… Harvester Of Horror and later at Some Kind Of Mosher a big gulp Metallica sounds from the speakers. It is now pointless to look for every source of inspiration down to the last detail. fact is that The Horror And The Metal Sounds familiar, but entertaining and multi-faceted. Do you always have to reinvent everything? No, because it can also just pop out of the speakers just to entertain.

F.K.Ü. we have a very good time. The short and quickly changing songs ensure that the concept doesn’t run out of steam. The four Swedes continue to mix up the tracklist with groovy and sometimes fast numbers like Bringing Back the Dead. What makes the whole thing so digestible, despite all the blood-soaked lyrics, are the built-in melodies. Thrash can be not only a wrecking ball, but also effervescent, melodic and bloody. Therefore decide F.K.Ü. the album with their four and a half minute rendition of all-you-can-eat in cannibalistic form You Are Who You Eat.

F.K.Ü. We go back more than thirty years to the origins of Thrash Metal. Every song on The Horror And The Metal is full of quotes from great role models and soaked in bloody stories. It’s not innovative, but it sounds entertaining and comes across as entertaining. 7,5 / 10

Line Up
Larry Lethal – Life
Pat Splat – Bass, Gesang
Pete Stooaahl – guitar, vocals
Unspeakable Emp – drums

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01. The Horror and the Metal
02. (He Is) The Antichrist
03. The Spawning
04. Don’t Have to Go to Texas
05. Harvester of Horror
06. Deep Cuts
07. They Are 237
08. Bringing Back the Dead
09. Some Kind of Mosher
10. You Are Who You Eat

FKÜ website.
Facebook F.K.Ü.

Instagram F.K.Ü.

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