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Fijeri – Words All We Have Reloaded – Reissue Review

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Fijeri – Words All We Have Reloaded – Reissue Review

Fijeri – Words All We Have Reloaded
Origin: Italy
Release: 14.02.2024
Label: SP Music / self-published
Duration: 01:14:43
Genre: Progressive Rock / Art Rock

As a band you can Fijeri difficult to describe. Rather, it is a collective around the two masterminds Nicola Lori and Stefano Panunzi. The two began collecting material in the mid-1990s with the help of some very prominent colleagues. Richard Barbieri got involved, and personalities like Mick Karn, Gavin Harrison and Tim Bowness helped create the first debut work twelve years after it was founded Endless to play in.

For the second album recorded in 2015 Words Are All We Have the personnel carousel was allowed to turn again. Bowness and Harrison are each represented on one track, the other songs won Jakko Jakszyk for the microphone as well as any guitar contributions. Alongside other guest musicians, the ensemble created a great progressive art rock record, which is now will be reissued on CD and digitally.

First of all, what’s new is the artwork, the mastering and the arrangement of the songs, which have been completely rearranged and now the album begins with the latest innovation. The bonus track A Sense Of Lost is purely instrumental and fits in perfectly with the rest of the action. Lots of songs like that The City Lights could also be from a solo album in this form Jakszyks, as he was involved in the songwriting of those songs.

A tasteful art rock album re-served

There is an exception Flamethat from Richard Barbieri and Tim Bowness was written and that of structure and structure also on one no-man Album could have been represented. Bowness‘ Distinctive singing cannot be heard here, but it is there Hidden Ties, that too Returning Jesus would have been a good fit.

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All in all it was Words Are All We Have The original version is already a very good art rock album, somewhere in the spectrum between Japan, no-man, Porcupine Tree and Jakko Jakszyk is to be settled solo. The reissue just puts the cherry on top of the whole thing, so to speak.

The original work is a tasty and lovingly arranged art rock record that shows sophisticated songwriting and excellent musicians in top form. Many thanks at this point for a republication that is equal to this claim.

Line Up
Nicola Lori – bass, guitars
Stefano Panunzi – Keyboards
Guest musician
Jakko Jakszyk – vocals, guitars
Tim Bowness – vocals on Hidden Ties
Gavin Harrison – drums on In the Blue Morning
05Ric – guitar
Nicola Alesini – Saxofon, Klarinette
Mike Applebaum – Trompete, Horn
Cristiano Capobianco – Schlagzeug
Daniele Iacono – drums
Giampaolo Rao – drums
Angelo Strizzi – Schlagzeug

01. A Sense of Lost (Bonus Track)
02. The City Lights
03. Before I Met You
04. Not Waving, But Drowning
05. It Would All Make Sense
06. Flame
07. Sati
08. Hidden Ties
09. In the Blue Morning
10. Oriental Dream
11. Zombie Love
12. Damaged Goods
13. Those Words (Words Are All We Have)

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Bandcamp Fijeri

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