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Grappa Awards, Vermouth Awards, Amaro Awards

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Grappa Awards, Vermouth Awards, Amaro Awards

At the third edition of Mixology Experience, the awards for innovative and highly traditional products arrive: Grappa Awards, Vermouth Awards and Amaro Awards!

17,18 and 19 March 2024: three days that seem far away but, due to the fast pace of the beverage sector, are just around the corner. And just around the corner is the third edition of Mixology Experience: an event in which Made in Italy has never been so authoritative.
In the wake of the great success resulting from the first edition of the Gin Awards, a huge novelty of the event is the arrival of first editions of Grappa Awards, Vermouth Awards and Amaro Awards: together, they represent a recognition of high professional value assigned by industry experts to equally qualified colleagues and constitute a valid promotional tool for the winners.

In a constantly evolving market, these awards aim to be a springboard for the success and reputation of the best products on the marketonce again allowing a Mixology Experience of meeting the needs of businesses to effectively promote themselves in the field and for respond to requests from brands that want to get noticed – and satisfying the big one at the same time curiosity of professionalsalways looking for new sources of inspiration to diversify their offer while keeping it in line with market trends.
After 15 years of events organized by the Bartender.it group which have supported the great Italian production of spirits and liqueurs, these competitions celebrate the national tradition and innovation which have set the tone throughout the world, becoming protagonists of beverage trends globally.

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Grappa Awardscreated in collaboration with Grappa Experienceit’s a competition that couldn’t help but be made in Italy: divided into categories – young, aged, reserve, innovation – the winners will be announced Sunday 17 March in front of a large audience of industry professionals and enthusiasts. An unmissable event celebrating the Italian spirit through a specialized jury of experts.

Vermouth Awards it is instead produced in partnership with Aperitifs&Co Experience – the event that widely represented the category by making its success public: the products will be judged by a jury of industry experts and the three different categories – red, dry and white – await to be declared winners on the day of Monday 18 March on the main stage of Mixology Experience in front of an audience of industry insiders and journalists who have talked a lot about it, being one of the most present products in the world of cocktails since their birth.

Also Amaro Awards is produced in partnership with Aperitifs&Co Experience, as it is closely linked to the Italian liqueur tradition, and not only that: there are many bitters present on the world scene, some born as curatives, others for meditation. The winners will meet on the day of Tuesday 19 March on the main stage of Mixology Experience where an international jury of experts will decide the ranking.

For all 3 product categories, two other prizes are then established: the Best idea/conceptin which creativity is at the service of the product, and the Best packagingwhere it is the best design that gives value to the final creation.

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Mixology Experience 2024 are the Awards…and much more: all the details for participating in the event are available at the following link.
And anyone interested in nominating their products for the Awards can find all the information at the following links: Grappa Awards, Vermouth Awards, Amaro Awards.

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