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Home movie watching starts the intelligent “cloud era”, China Mobile “5G FUN Theater” officially “opens” on September 30_film

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Original title: Home movie watching opens the intelligent “cloud era”, China Mobile “5G FUN Theater” officially “opens” on September 30

If you want to choose “the most popular entertainment and pastime of contemporary people”, I believe many people will vote for “watching movies”, right? From the “empty alleys” of the open-air movie era to the “blooming everywhere” of physical cinemas today, movies have carried the unforgettable leisure time of many Chinese, and they have also continuously unlocked new ways of presentation in the technological iteration.

In recent years, as the intelligent and digital tentacles have gradually extended to all corners of our lives, movie fans also have new ways to open movies. Compared to watching movies in physical theaters, the more convenient and free online viewing mode has become the “heartbeat choice” for more and more movie fans. Whether it is free time control, free viewing environment, or rich and diverse film resources, all have become the driving force for the online viewing mode to “overtake on corners”, and it has also opened up a new “vision” for movie fans. boundary.

Breaking traditional boundaries, online viewing becomes a new mainstream

For many movie fans, going to the physical theater to watch a movie is a very ceremonial thing, but there are also some inevitable minor troubles, such as everyone’s tears, laughs, and movie-viewing habits. It is difficult to agree on personal views. The movie experience will inevitably be influenced by others. The emergence of the online viewing mode breaks the limitations of time, space and area, allowing movie fans to control their viewing time and location as they like. While film fans have a firm grasp of the initiative, they can also release their enthusiasm in the most comfortable viewing environment. The freedom that traditional cinema can’t feel can be satisfied in the online movie mode. During the epidemic, domestic and foreign cinema movies such as “Fat Dragon Crossing the River”, “Journey”, “Magic Hair Wizard 2”, and “Mulan” have been transferred to the Internet, adding to the enthusiasm for online movie viewing.

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The new trend of online viewing is rushing, and a large number of “aspirants” who have heard the news have injected a steady stream of vitality into it. China Mobile will also release Mobaihe’s new channel 5G FUN theater on September 28, which will strongly “refresh” new online viewing scenes.

Carry the immersion to the end and “move” the theater into the living room

China Mobile, which has advantages in industries and channels, officially entered the game, which is bound to arouse a lot of waves in the Chinese film industry. Prior to this, China Mobile had actually released the “flame” to enter the online movie viewing market and successfully tested the waters.

This year, on World Telecommunication Day 517, the first domestic documentary film “Walk with the epidemic” was released on China Mobile Mobaihe in a “quasi-synchronous theater line”. Users can directly watch the film’s excitement at home; in the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival During the festival, China Mobile Mobaihe, as an online screening platform, created the “Shanghai Film Festival Special Zone” and exclusively launched the 4K repaired version of “Women’s Basketball No. 5”, “Paper Spider”, “Ulrich” and 9 “One Belt One Road”. The annual high-quality film recommended by the member institutions of the Film Festival Alliance. Users do not need to worry about the “hard to get a ticket” for the screening of the movie, nor do they need to experience the “surging crowd” in the theater, and they can enjoy the best film festivals in their living room. Mobaihe has also become a must-have artifact for many movie fans in one fell swoop.

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After the “Shanghai Film Festival Special Zone” triggered a strong response, China Mobile will pursue the victory by launching the 5G FUN auditorium under the “escort” of the home broadband system, and launch an impact on the goal of building a “family digital cinema line”. With the continuous advancement of the broadband China strategy, nowadays, even remote areas have erected an “information bridge” to communicate with the outside world. The “home digital cinema line” built on such a huge broadband system will “follow the network cable”. “Bringing cinema-level audio-visual enjoyment to more users, truly “moving” the cinema into thousands of households, allowing users to embrace the exclusive viewing space in the most comfortable posture.

On September 30, Mobai and the new channel 5G FUN theater, which will officially “open”, will continue their unique vision of film selection and continue to capture high-quality blockbusters at home and abroad. At that time, suspense films adapted from real cases, comedies that explore marriage and love from a unique perspective, and a group of excellent films nominated by major international film festivals will all meet the audience in the 5G FUN theater of China Mobile. The user’s living room is “filled” with great content. While satisfying users’ diversified viewing needs, China Mobile will also exclusively broadcast special viewing discounts and provide the most considerate service.

The clarion call for family viewing to enter the intelligent “cloud era” has sounded, let us look forward to the arrival of China Mobile’s 5G FUN theater!Return to Sohu to see more

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