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hosted by wiebke | cigarettes after sex @ gasometer | November 2, 2023

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hosted by wiebke |  cigarettes after sex @ gasometer |  November 2, 2023

a dark, quiet evening with cigarettes after sex in the gasometer.

I was late and was surprised when I saw a long queue from the subway entrance. Shouldn’t the concert start in just a few minutes? Apparently the entrance and the start of the concert had been postponed without any notice on the internet – and so everyone waited in the rain and I made my way in much more relaxed. Admittedly, I was quite tired that day and was now a bit worried that I would only get sleepier while waiting. “cigarettes after sexAfter all, they weren’t known for an action-packed stage show, but rather the opposite.

As expected, the show began with slowly spreading fog that gradually took over the black stage. a spotlight shone in the middle. Among them, singer Greg Gonzalez appeared with his guitar. He gently intoned the first notes of “Crush”. Bassist Randy Miller also received a spotlight – at least now and then – and drummer Jacob Tomsky was also seen again and again. The light shone on him in a truly varied way, not from above but from the side. how exciting.

It felt like the drummer was only playing on half of his instrument, because while the highheads and drums would otherwise block the view of him, his minimalist setup only had two or three drums on the floor with two cymbals and that’s it. I looked at him and his drum set with great fascination before he disappeared into the fog again. Then the headlight was turned off, shortly afterwards it went on and off again. Somehow something had to happen on stage.

I quickly realized that this was exactly the music I needed to unwind on that hectic day. I took my time to fully absorb what little was happening on stage. I also saw a disco ball on the stage, which spun from above and was illuminated every now and then, so that shimmering lights dotted the hall. There was also a screen on which videos of fire, roses, water and people were shown. The gasometer shone several times in the sea of ​​sparkles from the cell phone lights. that was nice.

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And then suddenly a little more euphoria than usual broke out: a single beam was directed at the singer, who quite unexpectedly made his way to the front of the stage. So much movement, so much closeness, it was almost unheard of from the band. The mood also lifted with the song “K”. In addition to these moments of euphoria, the group also brought hits like “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” and “Apocalypse” – songs to wallow in and switch off.

After an hour the whole show was over again. While with other bands I might say that an hour is too short, here it was exactly appropriate. When we finally went outside, the rain had stopped too. as if he had been played away.

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