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How to wear relatives during the Chinese New Year and try these advanced ways of wearing coats | Canadian Home

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How to wear relatives during Chinese New Year? This must be a problem that many sisters will encounter. If you really have no ideas, you can try other dressing skills. For example, the wearing of coats is very fashionable, suitable for winter wear, with a sense of luxury and fashion. The shapes of these coats below are also very elegant and intellectual. I don’t know if you like them?

The matching of brown coats is very suitable for winter. In this season, it is more versatile to choose a light brown coat. Whether it is a working woman or a daily match, it is worth learning and reference. And the shape of the profile can also cover the flesh and look thin, and it looks quite atmospheric, and the elders praise you when the aura is full.

The inside of the coat is also very important. If you want to look tall and thin, you may arrange a dress. The matching of the dress is full of femininity, and the combination with the coat can also add a sense of hierarchy, and the dress chosen by the blogger It is white, this refreshing light color will be more white and temperament.

The matching shoes are still very important. For example, matching high-heeled shoes will be more delicate. The white high-heeled shoes that bloggers choose for themselves are also very beautiful, exquisite and elegant. Echoing it, it’s really exquisite.

A festive red coat will look whiter when worn, especially during the Chinese New Year and festivals, you can arrange a red coat, which is also very beautiful to wear when visiting relatives and friends. The red coat chosen by the blogger is very atmospheric, and the decoration of the scarf embellishes the whole shape, which can avoid the monotony and look more delicate.

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Compared with a white scarf and a red coat, this fresh light color will be more white, and the matching of the scarf can decorate your neck, suitable for sisters who are afraid of cold. It is very foreign to wrap around the neck, but there are too many ways to match the scarf, try not to tie it too tightly, otherwise it will look a little bloated.

The lower body is matched with tight pants, which directly modifies the long legs, and can also show a cool charm. It looks very aura. Coupled with the decoration of long boots, it can outline the slender curve of the calf, which is not elegant. Charming, more aura than basic sneakers.

At the same time, the sisters can also arrange a white coat. The refreshing white is very age-reducing and white. The pure white coat is also very durable and will not be out of date after wearing it for a few years. Combined with white trousers , Modified your long legs, making you look taller and taller.

The combination of black and white is the most classic. For example, a blogger chooses a white coat with a black bottoming shirt. This kind of stacking is just right and has a strong sense of hierarchy. In addition, the combination of high-heeled boots modifies the slender proportions. Small people can also control very well, and the figure is very good!

This kind of green short boots is very suitable for winter, the color is refreshing and beautiful, it can decorate your lower body, and the thick heel design and pointed design can stretch your proportions. Compared with the round head design, it is more delicate. It is recommended for sisters with short legs You can refer to these fashionable shapes without looking cumbersome.

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In addition, the trendy people will also try the matching of scarves. For example, bloggers match themselves with green scarves, which look very foreign. The blessing of this bright-colored scarf brightens the whole shape, and does not feel heavy and awkward at all. Bloated. The scarf is also combined with the elements of tassel, which can create a refreshing charm, which looks very age-reducing.

In addition, ginger coats are also very temperamental, and warm colors will better modify your skin tone. For example, the ginger coats chosen by bloggers and the same color will show a sense of luxury. This kind of matching skills of the same color is more Versatile. The waistcoat is also very thin, suitable for a slightly fat body.

The lower body is matched with a black pleated skirt. The long black skirt is used to modify your figure, and the combination of short boots stretches the length of the legs. It is very delicate no matter how you look, and the charm released by the whole person is also very outstanding. The black boots and black skirt are also matched in the same color, which is relatively more attractive.

When visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year, you can learn how to wear the coats on the bloggers. Let’s take a look at the exquisite shapes of these hipsters. Coats can also be used to interpret different styles. I hope everyone will like it. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it, thank you. text/9

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