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Jing Boran responded to rumors that he did not want to make a TV series

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  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn Recently, the TV series “Female Psychologist” starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran was officially aired. After the show was broadcast, it also received a lot of praise. The lead actor Jing Boran was also interviewed by the media. In the interview, he responded that he did not There are rumors of making a TV series, saying that I don’t want to go.

Jing Boran said that there have been rumors outside that he does not make TV dramas, but that is not the case. After hearing such news, he also reflected on whether he was too picky and always picking up the script. In the end, it became There are rumors of “not making TV dramas”, but if it is a script that I don’t like, I don’t want to stop it.

Jing Boran said that there is no need to shoot scripts that he doesn’t like because he wants to increase the exposure. Now, for himself, the pressure is to hope that all the TV series he shoots can be broadcast.

At the same time, talking about the second cooperation with his friend Yang Zi, Jing Boran also said that everyone has not changed and that they are very happy to cooperate together, and because they have cooperated before, they also feel very tacit understanding this time. Jing Boran and Yang Zi worked together on the TV series “Girls Chong Chong Chong” before. At that time, they were both very young. However, for that memory, Jing Boran expressed that he was a little afraid that the show would be seen by others, saying that he was still there at the time. I was not ready to be an actor. At that time, it was a task for myself, and it was also an attempt.


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