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konzert #10: we are scientists @ flex | 09.04.2023

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konzert #10: we are scientists @ flex | 09.04.2023

They came, saw and won: the New York elective “we are scientists” put on a fantastic concert in the flex!

It was Easter Sunday, which meant that the next day was a holiday, and that in turn meant that absolutely nothing stood in the way of a lovely Sunday evening concert. So we made a pilgrimage to Flex that evening because one of our absolute favorite bands was in town: “We Are Scientists”!

But before we could enjoy “we are scientists”, there was a support show from “liz lawrence“ – with a clear voice, lots of gestures and usually a guitar, she tried to take us into her sound world, which sometimes succeeded, sometimes not. All in all it was ok, but the anticipation for “We Are Scientists” was huge and maybe that’s why it wasn’t really possible to fully immerse yourself in the music of “Liz Lawrence”.

the beautiful thing about “we are scientists“ is that you know what you are getting: an extremely good show with extremely good songs. And that evening they proved again what qualities they had! The fourth song was the old hit “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and it immediately put me in an incredibly good mood! You actually have to say: the rest of the setlist was a real firework of hits. at least for die-hard We Are Scientists fans. My absolute highlights were “Buckle” and “Turn It Up” – both songs were so intense for me personally, I loved the performances of these numbers from start to finish!

In addition to very good songs, we also enjoyed the band’s wonderful announcements. Keith Murray and Chris Cain touched on every topic with humor and honestly, what more could you want? Rousing songs combined with constant smiles because of their entertaining anecdotes – it was just really great!

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I also found their energy during the songs breathtaking: they not only shook themselves but also their instruments. It was a joy to watch the whole band. And the band itself also enjoyed playing and, above all, seeing people in Vienna. Because there were two blocks of encores for the Viennese audience – including “Nice Guys” as the very last song. All that remains to say is: it was a great performance by a great band and I will continue to make a pilgrimage to every concert by the group if they are near me!

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