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Kuaikan Manga upgraded to Kuaikan launching a new product video comic drama

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Kuaikan Manga upgraded to Kuaikan launching a new product video comic drama

2021-08-05 19:27:42Source: Xi’an News Network

Kuaikan Manga is officially upgraded to Kuaikan, launching a new product video comic. Kuaikan founder & CEO Chen Anni recently stated at the 2021 Kuaikan product upgrade conference that in the next three years, it will invest 1 billion yuan to support original comics and 1 billion yuan to work with partners to participate in comic drama production.

With the advent of the video era, users have put forward a more diverse demand for fast-watch-comics + videos. Chen Anni said that video comics are the key business of Kuaikan in the future, and it is also an important step for Kuaikan to push the comics industry into the video era. In the past few months, Kuaikan has invested 200 million yuan to form a professional comic drama producer team, built the largest comic drama manufacturing workshop in history, realized all the comic drama of its own IP, and added 3,000 comic drama rights.

At the press conference, look at the release of 150 comic dramas, covering categories such as youth campus, urban reality, beautiful pure love, ancient style fantasy, easy healing, juvenile blood adventure, suspense plots, etc., bringing together Han Xu (“again with you”), *Kid years old (“Falling Heart”), KULA (“Poor Father and Daughter”, Inuichi (“Stars to Me”) and other 47 top cartoonists at home and abroad, Huai Shang (“Poyun 2 Swallowing the Sea”), Wu 18 Jinjiang super authors such as Zhe (“Saying the Wild”), Roubao Bu Eat Meat (“Erha and His White Cat Shizun”), Chen Dong (“Shengxu”), Feitianyu (“Eternal God Emperor”) , Jing Wuhen (“Prime God King”) and other 14 writers of platinum masters, and 25 well-known writers at home and abroad, including Mizuchiei (188 series).

Anni Chen said that the future will adopt a two-wheel drive mode of comics and short videos. The combination of the two will surely create a different spark. “In just two months after the comic drama was launched, our entire network has exceeded the number of viewers. 1.5 billion, and even some comics, became popular on Douyin and Weibo as soon as they started broadcasting. In the app, our comics played more than the comics of the same name for the first time.”

In addition to video comics, Kuaikan has launched more than ten film and television animation projects. Among them, “Super Cube”, “Become a Princess Someday”, “Sweet Bite”, and “Mountain God and Jujube” were released for the first time; 8 live-action film and television projects were launched this year, including “Predecessor War” and ” Beautiful Farming Boys, “Koi Club”, “We Are Three-Finished”, “Where’s the Big Baby”, “Departure by Order”, “Protect Our Country”, “Sheep in Wolf’s Skin”.

Text/Picture: Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper


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