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Like being crushed by a truck and escaping without a scratch

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ROME – Morning of November 16, 2021 on Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon, north of Seattle, Washington: a 46-year-old lady is quietly driving her Nissan Altima when a sudden slowdown forces her to brake. Unfortunately, behind her, there is a container truck that fails: it collides with it, but not only that: in the moment it ends up completely on the car, crumpling it.

Yet the witnesses saw the lady come out of the cockpit. A miracle. The truck looked like it was parked on top of the car. For the owner of what remained of the Nissan Altima only a slight pain in the head and ribs. The intervening policemen said they had never seen anything like it. How was this possible? It was probably the rear of the vehicle that served as a support for the truck, in the sense that it offered it a kind of glide. Thank god.


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