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Love Knows No Boundaries: A Multicultural Romance

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Love Knows No Boundaries: A Multicultural Romance

A Love Story: A Multicultural Couple’s Journey from Lithuania to Mexico

Melanie “Mel” Paquot’s decision to spend an exchange semester in Lithuania surprised her friends and family. Originally from northern Mexico, Mel was not used to such cold temperatures, but it was her last chance to take advantage of her university’s foreign exchange program.

Studying at LCC International University, Mel shared a class with Alex Rubel, who was born and raised in Ukraine. The two had few interactions until Mel invited Alex out for coffee. What started as a casual outing turned into an hours-long date, and they eventually started dating.

After Mel’s return to Mexico, the couple maintained a long-distance relationship, seeing each other only twice a year. After two years, they decided to take the next step, and Alex moved to the United States to be with Mel.

Their engagement wasn’t a grand romantic gesture, but after overcoming a few hiccups, they finally got engaged.

They got married in 2017 and eventually settled in Mexico. They welcomed their daughter, Mia Kateryna, in 2021 and are raising her in three languages: Spanish, Ukrainian and English.

The couple’s extended family is spread across different countries, and they stay connected through regular video calls. However, the current political situation has made it difficult for them to reunite, as Alex’s parents are in Ukraine, which is approaching its second year of war with Russia.

Despite the challenges, the Rubel-Paquot family has built a life in Mexico and love the community they have found there. They are open to new opportunities but consider Mexico their home.

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