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Milei will begin the week with a national network to announce the fiscal surplus

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Milei will begin the week with a national network to announce the fiscal surplus

During the speech he gave at the Llao Llao Forum, held in Bariloche, with the presence of the country’s main business owners, the president Javier Mileyannounced that tomorrow he will give a new National chain to announce the fiscal surplus achieved in the first quarter of the year.

The confirmation of the national channel came this Sunday from the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

“The first quarter of the year ended with a positive financial result,” said the president regarding the trade balance numbers that determined that the libertarian administration achieved the twin surpluses with a cumulative total of more than 2 billion dollars.

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

With the intention of celebrating the indicator for three consecutive months, something that former President Néstor Kirchner had achieved in 2008, Milei will give a new national channel to detail the operation of its non-negotiable economic policy.

The Government ordered that prepaid companies reverse the increases in fees

During his speech, the President promised the business leadership to “pave the way”, since “put a foot on public spending, such that it liquefies it in terms of GDP” to “return their tax money.”

Although he avoided giving details regarding future economic plans, he revealed that “it will be with a lot of tax cuts.”

New survey shows that Milei’s image fell in 15 of the 24 municipalities of Greater Buenos Aires

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“I’m not going to settle for being like Germany, I want to be like Ireland. “I want a profound liberal revolution,” he stressed, postulating that he dreams of a national GDP per capita “50 percent larger than that of the United States.”

In addition, he appealed to the sense of business responsibility that he invited to “put their balls together and invest.”

Finally, He stated that the “first part of the growth will be a rebound, growth due to decapitalization and a falling inflation rate.” “We are going to destroy it,” he concluded.

National channel in prime time

The message that the president plans to give this Monday Javier Miley by national chain will be broadcast at 9 p.m.the time of day with the highest audience.

He will be accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, the Secretary of Finance, Pablo Quirnoand the head of the Central Bank, Santiago Bausili. It will be recorded from the Olivos residence.

“The President chose an important moment to communicate to Argentines what has been done in these months and what the expectations are,” said the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos in radio statements on Radio Rivadavia.

Milei will talk about “tax numbers” after the adjustment implemented by the Ministry of Economy by Luis Caputo.

Despite the announcement, it was not clarified from the head of state’s entourage whether the broadcast would include economic measures for the rest of the year, nor the extension or schedule set for said speech.

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