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Mobilize, and Renault changes its philosophy: use priority, not ownership

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Mobilize, and Renault changes its philosophy: use priority, not ownership

Presented in Milan Mobilize, which brings together all the new services connected to the Renault Group’s mobility, with a very ambitious goal: to achieve 20% of turnover.

The concept of mobility is constantly evolving: today you buy a car and use it for about 10%. More and more people are opting for different solutions than purchasing, turning their interest towards short and long-term rental formulas, car sharing or car pooling.

In large cities, there is less and less space for cars: architecture is turning to “green”, with the creation of pedestrian areas and paths for alternative, greener and more accessible mobility.

Mobilize develops a new business model based on the “VaaS” (Vehicle-as-a-Service) principle, with a complete offering focused on an integrated software ecosystem. Focusing on use rather than ownership, Mobilize offers, starting with the vehicle, services that allow you to meet all your needs with easier, more accessible, greener and more cost-effective mobility solutions.

It offers dedicated vehicles – 100% electric – specifically designed for shared urban mobility, created thanks to a team of designers and engineers able to develop a product based on the most current needs. Among the unpublished models of Mobilize there is “Limo”, a car designed for taxi drivers and operators of rental services with driver; or “Duo”, quadricycle, for urban travel (arriving in 2023), whose lines recall Renault Twizy and Hippo, from 2026, a zero-emission van for the transport of goods.

Mobilize provides its customers with financial services (Mobilize Financial Services), ad hoc charging points for its electric fleet (Mobilize Smart Charge, Mobilize Charge Pass which gives access to over 260,000 public charging points in Europe, including 1,600 fast-charging Ionity stations) and relying above all on predictive vehicle maintenance data, uses the Renault Group’s sales network and Refactories to repair and recondition its vehicles, giving them a second and a third life, increasing their use and profitability.

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A project that looks towards the future of the four-wheeled world. “Just think that, in France, the average age of a young person who gets a driving license is 26 years – said Clotilde Delbos CEO of Mobilize, during the press conference that was held today in Milan – and it is immediately clear how the vision of the car has changed radically. Here: we are ready for change and this new brand is part of the “Renaulution” project presented in January 2021 by Luca De Meo, CEO of the Renault Group ”.

One of Mobilize’s objectives is, first of all, the reduction of costs for customers, also protecting them from the drop in residual value. But not only that: lengthen the cycle of

life of the products, reducing the carbon footprint and multiplying the turnover per vehicle.

In Italy Mobilize arrives in Milan with Zity, the 100% electric free-floating car sharing service, usable through the dedicated app. After Madrid, Paris and Lyon, the Renault Group brand brings 450 Dacia Spring to the Lombard capital to create a new strictly “green” mobility service

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