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Movie “King of Barbecue” set streaming media Cui Zhijia and Sun Yue hilarious staged barbecue battle_TOM Entertainment

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November 5“The King of BBQ”A preview and poster will be released, and the movie will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video’s entire network on November 12. The film is produced by Jiangsu Maoyan Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Butterfly Effect Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haifu Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaxi Culture Media Co., Ltd., director Cui Zhijia, co-director Wang Zi, Cui Zhijia, Sun Yue Starring, the fourth child, Zhang Qi and Guo Xiangpeng. The film presents to the audience the unique barbecue culture and wine table culture of the Northeast through a vivid depiction of the humble worker Li Yanyi who is forced to switch to open a barbecue restaurant.

Cui Zhijia and Sun Yue assembled happily, the barbecue battle is ready to go

In the preview for the first release today, Li Yanyi, played by Cui Zhijia, returned to the company as soon as possible to ease the conflict between Zheng Yan and his son. Trigger the barbecue war in a series of fancy operations. The bold personality of the Northeast people is perfectly presented in the happy and funny atmosphere of the trailer, and the humorous lines with a strong Northeast accent also make people can’t help but laugh. The overall highlights and smiles are both wonderful and full of excitement.

The fixed-file poster exposed along with the trailer is also very eye-catching. The poster mainly uses two colors of red and yellow, and it is very pyrotechnic when matched with warm lighting. At the barbecue table, Cui Zhijia laughed with skewers in his hands, and the objects in the hands of the other four also conveyed a lot of information. The banner of “Best Opening” in Zhang Qi’s hand, these elements fully demonstrate the lively atmosphere of the barbecue shop and the strong northeast atmosphere. It is really hopeful who will get the title of “King of Barbecue”.

The movie

The most delicious taste in the world is barbecue, some people have feelings and stories

Some people say that if the barbecue has an ID card, its household registration must be in the Northeast, which shows that the status of the Northeast in the barbecue industry is really unshakable. “The King of Barbecue” uses barbecue as a carrier to tell the story of Li Yanyi, who accidentally became the owner of a barbecue restaurant, and fought fiercely with rival Zheng Energy in order to become the king of barbecue. In the competition between the two barbecue restaurants, Li Yanyi and Zheng Energy’s fancy “marketing” showed a strong atmosphere of human fireworks and an authentic Northeast comedy culture.

Not only that, but the film’s humorous shell also hides the heart of warmth. Zheng Yan sent employee Li Yanyi to stir Huang’s father’s barbecue restaurant behind his commendable filial piety, and his father’s persistent persistence is because the barbecue restaurant carries his and his son’s filial piety. Memories, and Li Yanyi also gained the understanding and support of his close comrades-in-arms and his wife in the process. Can Zheng Yan and his son, who lack communication, be able to reconcile with Li Yanyi’s help? The answer is yet to be waited for by the audience after the film is released. Revealed in person. “The King of Barbecue” shows the delicate and warm side of the Northeast people’s bold and humorous character through the portrayal of the three main emotional lines, allowing people to enjoy the joy while also feeling the strong warmth in the film.

Comedy masters are united, high-energy laughs will never stop

The cast of “The King of Barbecue” is also very exciting. Li Yanyi’s Cui Zhijia is an iconic figure of the new generation of comedians. He participated in CCTV’s “I’m Going to the Spring Festival Gala” and Dragon TV’s “Happy Comedian”. “” and other programs have received a lot of attention and love, and have also participated in films such as “Pancake Man” and “The Ferryman”, with excellent acting skills. In this film, he once again served as the director and screenwriter. He has multiple roles and has extremely high requirements for film quality. At the same time, the joining of the famous cross talk actor Sun Yue and the fourth comedian also enriched the film’s laughter, and the interesting character setting also made the film very watchable. The addition of actors such as Zhang Qi, Guo Xiangpeng, and Li Kunying added more laughter to the film. The strong combination of comedians made the film’s joy escalate, and the audience’s expectations were also directly filled.

Through a small barbecue, the film shows people the Northeast characteristics of barbecue culture and wine table culture. The stories of laughter and tears also let people understand the positive and optimistic mentality and enthusiasm of Northeast people. It is reported that the film will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on November 12, so stay tuned!


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