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Music + Ballet 2022 New Year’s Concert Breaks Through Tradition

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Music + Ballet 2022 New Year’s Concert Breaks Through Tradition

After a lapse of ten years, the China Philharmonic Orchestra once again cooperated with the Central Ballet.

On December 28, the China Philharmonic Orchestra announced in Beijing that it will cooperate with the Central Ballet to present this new year concert called “Music and Ballet” to the audience at the Poly Theater on December 31, 2021. Ten years have passed since 2011, when the China Philharmonic Orchestra and China National Ballet performed the ballets “Carmen” and “Girls of Allais” directed by Roland Petty. Li Nan, director of the China Philharmonic Orchestra, said, “Music and ballet are symbiotic art forms. I hope the audience can feel the beauty of the combination of these two arts in this concert.”

The Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s concert dates back to December 31, 2000 and January 1, 2001. At that time, the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra, which was founded only half a year ago and appeared in front of the world for only half a month, held its New Year’s concert for the first time. CCTV conducted a live broadcast. This performance became China‘s first New Year’s concert in the new century, and it also marked the beginning of the history and tradition of the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s concert. This year is the 21st consecutive year that the China Philharmonic Orchestra has held a New Year’s concert, and it is also the biggest change in form. In this year’s New Year’s concert, the audience will not only appreciate the Chinese and foreign classics played by the China Philharmonic Orchestra, but also see the wonderful performances of the dancers of the Central Ballet.

Ten years ago, the China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Central Ballet of China collaborated to present two classic ballets composed by comrades and choreographed by Roland Petty, “Alai City Girl” and “Carmen”. The performers of the troupe will perform famous passages from the classic dance dramas “Onegin” and “Swan Lake”. “Porcelain Dance”, as well as the dances arranged by the Waltz by Shostakovich and John Strauss Jr. by Xu Gang, assistant to the art director of the Central Ballet and ballet master. The highlight of this concert is the famous passage in the most iconic ballet “Red Detachment of Women” by the Central Ballet. “This cooperation is a half-stage form, concert version of ballet.” Huang Yi, permanent conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra and chief guest conductor of the Central Ballet, said, “There are 28 Chinese ballet dancers participating in the performance, and there are up to 8 groups of actors on stage. Present on the same stage.”

In line with the concept of launching newcomers, another highlight of this concert is Chopin’s “Smooth Andante and Brilliant Polonez” by the young pianist Yin Zhi as soloist. The first half of this masterpiece of piano and symphony is elegant. Charming, festive and enthusiastic in the second half, very suitable for staged in a New Year’s concert. The solo pianist Yin Zhi is a young teacher of the Central Conservatory of Music and a PhD in piano performance at Boston University. In recent years, she has performed in many famous concert halls and theaters in the United States, Europe and China. This concert is also her first collaboration with the China Philharmonic Orchestra. .

In addition, the China Philharmonic Orchestra has also prepared many musical works full of festive atmosphere for the audience, such as “The Sound of Spring Waltz” by John Strauss Jr., and excerpts from “Fire Bird” by Igor Stravinsky. And so on, will also perform music from George Bizet’s “Girls of Allais” and “Carmen” to pay tribute to the profound friendship formed by the China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Central Ballet in the artistic cooperation for more than ten years.

Text/Reporter Tian Wanting Photography/Reporter Cui Jun


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