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Organic architecture: what is it? What are the main Brazilian references

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Organic architecture: what is it?  What are the main Brazilian references

Unlike the conventional and rigid forms of traditional architecture, organic architecture seeks to imitate the patterns and processes found in nature, resulting in designs that are fluid, flexible and often inspiring.

Products: White Macaubas Pol 60x120cm, Solos Shell, Fendi, Clay, Cotto, Terracotta MA 5x40cm | Photo: Pedro Ocanhas | Project: Fgmf Arquitetura

The concept behind organic architecture is based on the idea that buildings should be conceived as living organisms, capable of adapting and evolving in response to environmental conditions.

Just as plants and animals adapt to their surroundings, organic structures seek to interact in a symbolic way with the place in which they are located. The definition of this trend was strongly influenced by the North American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose main idea was to build harmony between homes and nature.

Products: Black Marmo AC 120x120cm and Sampa Gray AC 120x120cm | Project: @nandoarquitetura | Photo: Lio Simas

Wright believed that each and every construction should be designed with the purpose of meeting people’s needs, involving well-being and health. Considered his masterpiece, “Fallingwater” is a residence built over a waterfall – a remarkable example of how architecture can seamlessly integrate into the surrounding landscape.

A carta Gaia

Architect David Pearson stipulated some rules for implementing and thinking about organic design and architecture, which became known as the Gaia letter. See the list:

Product: Calu Rajastao Mix Dark AC 19x19cm | Photo: Taito Estudio | Production: Debbie Apsan Be inspired by nature and be sustainable, healthy, conservative and diverse; Unfold, like an organism, from the seed within; Exist in the “continuous present” and “start again and again”; Go with the flows and be flexible and adaptable;Meet social, physical and spiritual needs;“Grow out of space” and be unique;Celebrate the spirit of youth, play and surprise;Express the rhythm of music and the power of dance. Products: Kroma Hex Velvet Copper, Desert, Gold, Pearl and Silver MT 18×20.8cm

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The idea of ​​Organic Architecture is to combine it with design, but not just in external environments. In other words, the concept aims to bring shapes, colors and textures to interiors, in order to create a set that functions as a living organism, emulating natural life.

Urban and natural references

Decortiles will launch two collections inspired by organic architecture in 2024, the co-creations of architects Marko Brajovic and Carol Gay. With modern and cosmopolitan references, the Carol Gay Collection is inspired by the organic and bold forms present in cities and nature. Series such as Bola, Traço, Casca, Raízes and Lascas bring the uniqueness of reliefs and movements, redefined in an urban and sensorial appeal.

Products: Carol Gay Bola Atacama and Tara AC 19x19cm | Photo: @tardelliwork | Production: Debbie Apsan

For the Biomas Collection by Atelier Marko Brajovic, the inspirations are more literal and linked to the identities of nature. The Amazon, Caatinga and Pampas series bring all the singularities of the Brazilian biomes that cover Brazil, combining memory and diversity. It is the awakening to the immensity of feeling, bringing new perceptions, colors and beauty.

Product: With Pampas Aurora NAT 90x90cm

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