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“Piazzo Perosi” returns to Palazzo Gromo Losa, where culture and entertainment help sustainability

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Proposed in 2013, «Piazzo Perosi» returns, an in-depth path with experts on topical issues, promoted by the Perosi Academy. «That first and only edition – recalls Stefano Giacomelli, Perosi’s artistic director – was set up as a festival, concentrated in three consecutive days. In this case we have imagined a more fluid review, using a term that is very popular, which will develop with a more dilated cadence and will continue until July, with closer appointments in the spring and summer months, when it will be possible to be outdoors “.

Even places and times will change from time to time, while the common thread, which will involve writers, geologists, economists and sportsmen, will be a reflection on the theme of sustainability. Each appointment of “PiazzoPerosi Next-Art”, whose artistic direction is entrusted to Alberto Sinigaglia, also includes a musical overture, which in turn will offer pieces inspired by the areas and themes dealt with. The fil rouge of the entire itinerary will also be a question, which will be addressed to all the personalities who will intervene: “How can culture and entertainment help to spread and deepen the theme of sustainability?”.

The first to try to answer will be, today at 6.30 pm in the Auditorium of Palazzo Gromo Losa al Piazzo, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, author of «They are things that pass». Journalist and writer, also known for his frequent appearances on TV, will talk about his novel, a seductive and fiery work, set in his homeland, Sicily. The plot tells of an Italian-style divorce, transforming the plot into a modern feminine “Faust”. The story is set after World War II and tells of Rodolfo Polizzi, a baron of dubious nobility, who marries Octavia, princess of Bauci, taking her with him to Leonforte, a town in the Sicilian hinterland. In that summer of 1951, on the island of Vulcano, not far away, Roberto Rossellini fell in love with Ingrid Bergman and, in Capo d’Orlando, Lucio Piccolo with his brothers Casimiro and Agata Giovanna (Octavia’s uncles) received the jet set international. Instead, Lucy Thompson, his wife’s college friend, arrived at Rodolfo’s house, who will wake up the princess’s youth past, amidst strange rites and student sabbaths. The musical opening will be dedicated to pieces by Sicilian composers such as Giovanni Sollima and Vincenzo Bellini, but Bach can also be heard.

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In the second appointment of the review, Wednesday 19 January, the geologist, scientific popularizer and TV presenter Mario Tozzi is expected. Admission: 3 euros. To participate you need to book: 015.29040 or [email protected]

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