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Soastasphrenas – Moirae – HeavyPop.at

von Oliver
am 30. September 2023
in Album, Heavy Rotation

An instant emo-violence highlight that is practically served right at the turn of the year: Soastasphrenas whip on their debut album Moirae through a roller coaster ride of suicidal nihilism and excessive rebirth.

Those in the know have been looking forward to the quartet’s first long player, who has a frenetic reputation for furious live power, for a long time. But even without having had the Berliners on the bill (and having overlooked a quasi-New Year’s Eve fireworks display), you can hardly escape these stormy 22 minutes. Because as impressive as the Skramz year has been going so far, this marks the early release Moirae definitely a veritable scene benchmark for 2023.
Where the division into ten tracks is often only theoretical, and itself Moirae Playing over long stretches more like a continuous flow in his intoxication, the band manages to shape their emotional desperation into variable songs that are as immediate as they are cleverly constructed, which rush impulsively without seeming headless; who always trust their instincts when it comes to existentialism in a mortifying manner, pushing for a multi-layered approach in order to always put their fingers in the wound called life.

Moment after moment/ frequent thoughts of suicide“ chants singer Nate at some point in this amalgam, which is inspired by icons like Orchid, pg.99 or Saetia learned just as much as he did from melodies before Touché Amoré – just to give the manic-depressive madness time and again moments of clear breathing, a post-rock thoughtfulness that is musically more reminiscent of Slant‘esque 90s love by Deathcrash makes you think (e.g. in Solace).
In a chaos of pure energy, the screamo escalates with rough edges and shoots, the sound also rattles as an elementary aspect of the physical abrasion, implementing aggressive, harsh, hard hardcore aspects into spastic structures and an unpredictable catharsis.

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Even thoughtful passages with dissonantly disturbing interludes become dynamic in their frantic radicalism Eleventh Hour balancing after a Asleep As You Recover as a highlight, even anthemic. In Shed My Skin Harmonious elements come within reach, but are ultimately slaughtered in the meat grinder, wherever A Suffering Spirit Proves the Heart Still Beats for a Purpose Indulging in the madness of the escalating carousal game of rage, only This Cycle Keeps Me Alive collects.
Becoming more than the sum of its parts, there is Moirae Strictly speaking, there is little to criticize – the subjectively perceived supposed shortcomings are of a more abstract nature: really original, even iconic scenes only partially stand out from the whole, especially since you always have the feeling that the band has never really acted at its performance limits, itself will probably top itself in the foreseeable future, there’s just noticeably more that can be done! – and there simply has to be some leeway in the assessment.

Moirae by soastasphrenas

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