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SONATA ARCTICA – Winterliche Single „A Monster Only You Can’t See“

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SONATA ARCTICA – Winterliche Single „A Monster Only You Can’t See“

SONATA ARCTICA just announced the first details about their upcoming studio album »Clear Cold Beyond«. Second digital pre-single ‘A Monster Only You Can’t See’ will be released on December 8th, 2023.

Dress warmly because there are icy conditions in many places in Europe! This is especially true in Finland, from where the melodic metal titans SONATA ARCTICA provide the perfect musical accompaniment for the cold season with the stormy (in the most positive sense of the word) work “Clear Cold Beyond”. Selected music journalists were able to get an idea of ​​the entire record last month and simply reinforce that fact. Today, fans of the quintet will also get to hear at least one more preview track from the album before it goes on sale on March 8, 2024 via Atomic Fire. Touching, soulful and with a hint of melancholy, ‘A Monster Only You Can’t See’, a song about friendship that talks about never letting anyone down, features a soaring chorus, making it a standout for the band makes the ideal single for the current (pre-)Christmas season.

Frontman Tony Kakko explains: “We all probably have a person in our circle of friends who seems to magically attract all kinds of problems and sometimes may not even notice them. Maybe this applies to some of you out there too? You may be an a**hole, but you are and will still be OUR a**hole. Together we can get through anything because we see the real you and can help you. And even if there are children involved, we still manage everything. Do not worry. Together we can overcome any obstacles.”

Clear Cold Beyond« – Tracklist:

1. First In Line
2. California
3. Shah Mat
4. Dark Empath
5. Cure For Everything
6. A Monster Only You Can’t See
7. Teardrops
8. Angel Defiled
9. The Best Things
10. Clear Cold Beyond
Bonustracks (nur Digipak + Vinyl!):

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11. A Ballad For The Broken
12. Toy Soldiers [MARTIKA-Cover]

Tony about the new album:
“We’ve felt the need to record harder pieces for a while now, after our last records were quite soft. Even though we still love those albums, there were very few songs on our last album in particular that could easily be incorporated into our feel-good melodic metal shows. So we ended up going back to our metal roots, which almost feels like a new start for us. It was just incredibly fun to write and record the new songs: With our upcoming work, we’ll be delivering a lot more fast-paced pieces that the fans can sing along to, which we hope they’ll be happy to do. We’d love to go straight back on tour to see how people react to the new material. We’re excited!”

With “Clear Cold Beyond” the band moves more into power metal realms, whereas during the pandemic they still felt predominantly at home in acoustic soundscapes. The record is bursting with strong songs and elegantly combines the best of all phases of SONATA-ARCTICA’s versatile work: Here, high-speed anthems like ‘First In Line’ or ‘California’ meet emotionally charged tracks like ‘The Best Things’ or the final title track. Every fan of the band will find what they are looking for with these ten new tracks. The accompanying artwork, which is stylistically reminiscent of her earlier career days, was created by Niko Anttila. The combo also returned to Mikko Karmila (Finnvox Studios), who was already responsible for the mix of numerous older SONATA ARCTICA works (“Ecliptica”). [1999] – »Stones Grow Her Name« [2012]) was responsible. Svante Forsbäck (Chartmakers West; including RAMMSTEIN, KORPIKLAANI, DELAIN, THE 69 EYES, DEATHSTARS), who was also involved in the troupe’s previous productions, took care of the final mastering.

Some festival dates that SONATA ARCTICA will play with »Clear Cold Beyond« have already been announced, while the current schedule of the touring group will of course expand from time to time.

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16.03.2024 FI Laukaa – Peurunka Areena [TICKETS]
03/05/2024 NO Kopervik – Karmøygeddon Metal Festival [TICKETS]
11.05.2024 BE Bomal-sur-Ourthe – Durbuy Rock Festival [TICKETS]
31.05. – June 2nd, 2024 CZ Pilsen – Metalfest [TICKETS]
28. – 30.06.2024 FI Helsinki – Tuska Festival [TICKETS]
31.07. – 03.08.2024 DE Wacken – Wacken Open Air *SOLD OUT*

07. – 08.10.2024 ES Villena – Legends of Rock [TICKETS]


Tony Kakko | singing
Elias Viljanen | Guitar
Pasi Kauppinen | Bass
Henrik „Henkka“ Klingenberg | Keyboard
Tommy Portimo | Drums


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