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“Spring Flowers Will Open”: New Generation Singers Will Gather to Start Folk Song Competition

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“Spring Flowers Will Open”: New Generation Singers Will Gather to Start Folk Song Competition

2022-03-12 10:16:00Source: Beiqing Net

“Spring Flowers Will Open” will be broadcast tonight, and the new generation will gather to start folk song competitions

Watch the folk songs bloom, and listen to the folk songs to make a new voice! Hunan Satellite TV’s large-scale folk song competition “Spring Flowers Will Bloom”, created by Andersen Studio, will officially premiere at 20:10 today. The program takes folk songs as the theme, and invites Lei Jia, Hua Chenyu, and Tan Weiwei to form the Bo Orchestra. While tracing the origin of folk music, the young singers will bring the audience a gluttonous feast of new singing, new writing, and new creations!

Meet Lei Jia Hua Chen Yu Tan Wei Wei Bo with a dazzling lineup

“With good wind and strength, Bole knows good horses.” The program invited three musicians, Lei Jia, Hua Chenyu, and Tan Weiwei, to act as the escort for the players. Lei Jia, a famous singer with many honors, rarely appears in variety shows. On the stage of “Spring Flowers”, she became a “walking folk song popular science dictionary” in the audience’s heart with her strong authority and professionalism. Hua Chenyu, who has a lot of innovative attempts in popular music, has a unique and cutting-edge perspective on the renewal of folk songs, which will inspire and guide the contestants to adapt folk songs. With the original song “Give You A Little Color”, Tan Weiwei, who perfectly combines Huayin’s old tune with pop rock, has his own persistence and persistence in traditional culture and national music. The fusion of ethnic elements with rock and pop music in his works is what makes Tan Weiwei’s musical style unique.

Zhiyin Group covers all age groups and blooms on stage to create an immersive scene

Different from the fixed audience formed by previous music programs, the bosom friend of “Spring Flowers Will Blossom” covers all age groups. Among them, there are radio listeners who were born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and grew up listening to folk songs on the radio; there are post-80s tape listeners who are deeply influenced by folk songs and also experienced the wave of popular music; and music tastes Diverse network listeners born in the 1995s and 2000s. To a certain extent, confidante groups with different ages and preferences provide a relatively fair competition space for participating singers. No matter what style or era of ethnic music, they have the opportunity to stand out and win the love and recognition of the audience.

At the same time, the stage design also echoes the title of the show, highlighting the element of “flower”. When the contestants are successfully promoted, the stage creates a “flower blooming” effect through lighting, which makes the contestants and the blooming flowers complement each other. This immersive live atmosphere is a unique experience for both the audience and the players.

The new generation of folk songs will be revived and adapted by Yunji folk songs, causing discussion

It is reported that the program brings together original ecological gods, academic technology streams, and pioneering electronic folk song writers… These musicians from various fields have become the protagonists of the folk song stage, which fully reflects the combination of “integration” and “innovation”. Program theme. Among them, Ji Hu, the original singer of “Eldest Son”, performed the original representative repertoire affectionately. How are their live performances and singing standards? Which song makes Tan Weiwei full of tears? Who made Hua Chenyu so excited that he was incoherent?

In fact, “Spring Flowers” was controversial when it was officially announced. Many netizens believe that the program is positioned as national music, but for the integration and adaptation of folk songs, how to expand the audience of folk songs through the innovation of elements while retaining the original meaning of the songs, the balance between the two has become the top priority. Judging from the response after the program was recorded, most viewers believed that the surprise given by the program was greater than the initial doubts.

Bole knows the horse, and the song travels thousands of miles. This spring, let the national music shine on the stage and wake up our flowing memories. More exciting lock in today’s 20:10 Hunan Satellite TV “Spring Flowers Will Bloom”!

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