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The Chinese Festival Series Presents a Spectacular Episode of the Double Ninth Festival

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The “Chinese Festival” series aired a new episode today titled “Henan Satellite TV writes about the Fantasy Journey of the Double Ninth Festival.” The program, called “2023 Double Ninth Festival Wonderful Tour,” showcased the culture of the Double Ninth Festival through innovation and creativity.

Hosted by Henan Satellite TV, the program featured various forms of singing and dancing to depict the essence of the festival. Performers such as Cao Lei, Chang Hongji, Du Yuan, Da Zhu, Feng Linshu, Huichundan Band, Huang Ling, He Junbo, Huang Lufei, Kong Lin, Luo Yizhou, Wang Ting, Xuanzi, Zhang Zhenguo, Zhang Yin, Zhou Xiaohui, and many more joined the audience in experiencing the mountain worship in Chinese culture.

In addition, the show highlighted the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, as well as the philosophical speculations from the Chinese wonder book “The Book of Changes.” According to the creative team, the “2023 Double Ninth Festival Wonderful Tour” aimed to create a fantasy journey through human stories and visual feasts. The program told various tales such as “At the foot of the mountain, the sun and the moon shine together,” “In the mountains, which way should I go?”, “Mountainside, look forward,” “The valley, my heart is full of flowers,” and “The ridge – the top of the mountain, there is a big scenery in my heart.” These stories connected the protagonist’s journey of climbing high and appreciating the autumn beauty of the country.

The stage performances incorporated Chinese elements, including the dance “Dream into Dunhuang,” the songs “Dedication,” “Hemerocallis,” and “Flowers,” the creative dance “Autumn Sunshine,” and the plot dance “Great Wall, Great Wall!” These programs showcased Chinese colors, treasures, beliefs, and the Chinese road. The focus was on the customs of climbing mountains and enjoying the autumn sun during the Double Ninth Festival, as well as the significance of maintaining close ties with friends and respecting and loving the elderly.

The “2023 Double Ninth Festival Wonderful Tour” delivered a unique and exciting show that celebrated the culture of the Double Ninth Festival. Viewers were captivated by the innovative performances and the showcase of Chinese traditions and values.

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