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The Explosive Growth of Short Dramas: A Look into the Capital Market and the Urgent Need for Regulation

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Spring Festival Short Dramas Take Over Social Media

The stage is set, and the curtain is rising on a new era for short dramas in China. This year’s Spring Festival saw social media platforms inundated with bite-sized dramas that have captured the attention and wallets of audiences across the country.

From “My Dearest” to “Mr. Li, You Got the Wrong Wife” and “I Was a Stepmother in the 1980s,” these short dramas have been making waves on platforms like Douyin and Weibo. According to Zhangwan Network, “Mr. Li, You Got the Wrong Wife” topped the short drama hot list with a heat value of 35.6 million within a single week. And with an estimated total consumption of short dramas during the Spring Festival reaching about 800 million yuan, it’s clear that these mini productions are a force to be reckoned with.

The popularity of short dramas has ignited a frenzy in the domestic capital market, with numerous companies investing in the trend. Internet companies like Chinese Online, Zhangyue Technology, and Guomai Culture have entered the short drama track, while listed companies Perfect World, Tianwei Video, and Haikan Holdings are exploring the short drama business.

Short dramas have found a loyal fan base, with viewers like Xiaowen, a post-90s girl, praising the quick-paced plots and engaging storylines that cater to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Even fans of online romance novels have been captivated by these short dramas.

However, the wild growth of the short drama industry has raised concerns about regulation and content quality. In response to these challenges, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a regulatory notice in November 2023 to increase the management of online micro-short dramas. The notice outlined measures to regulate the creation, production, and content review of short dramas, as well as to combat illegal and inappropriate content.

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The move towards regulation has been welcomed by industry insiders, who see it as a necessary step to ensure that only high-quality content will prevail in the competitive landscape of short dramas.

As the allure of short dramas continues to grow, their future success will depend on striking a balance between engaging content and responsible production practices. Only time will tell whether this new era for short dramas will stand the test of time.

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