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The La Primera Cosecha music festival comes to Casa de la Cultura de Roca – Diario RÃo Negro

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The La Primera Cosecha music festival comes to Casa de la Cultura de Roca – Diario RÃo Negro

harvest season and good bands on scene. The First Harvest (yes, with capital letters) will take place in the heart of Roca: the beautiful patio House of Culture, this Saturday from 7 p.m. until well after midnight, although not that long either. Let’s see.

The Neuquén production company Art Stage, together with The Danger of the Winds, Personal Automata and Kush Butter, three of the best local rock & pop bands came together to project themselves at a regional and national level.
On the initiative of the musicians, Art Stage organized The Last Harvest, on December 28 of last year, in Centennial, and it went very well for him. From there to The First Harvest of this year there was nothing more than taking the next step. Yes, the last harvest was the first and the first was the second.

Anyway, this Saturday the three bands will add the acoustic set by rock band Kala and they will close the festival with un DJ set de Jhon Blend, who is none other than Juan Fort, singer of Manteca Kush, spinning records until just after one o’clock on Sunday. “We are three bands that are part of Art Stage, which works to promote the careers of local artists,†he explains. Mauricio Castillo, el Colo, drummer of Manteca Kush, member of Art Stage and manager of several of his traveling companions.

“El Peligro de los Vientos, Autómata Personal and Manteca Kush are the three bands that share musicians in several cases and that we are always sharing dates and scenariosâ€expands the drummer, who, as an example, says that he is also session percussionist of the Personal Automata, to continue explaining this union of forces and resources with the production company.

Gaston Delucca He is in charge of his project El Peligro de los Vientos. (Photo: Karen Roa)

Colo says that last year, when they made The Last Harvest, in Centenarioand they saw how well it had worked (for them) and that, internally, it had generated a lot of unity and a lot of joint work, they said “Let’s start 2024 repeating in another city.” And that other city will be Roca. “We had just gone to play at the Casa de la Cultura with El Peligro de los Vientos and we talked to the people there and the possibility of repeating the festival was given.

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The festival will open doors at 7 p.m. to begin around 8 p.m.: “There is a canteen and tables in a super chill patio to put it in some way. Most likely, Manteca Kush will open, followed by Kala Rivero’s acoustic set, then Autómata and closing The Danger of the Winds†.

Personal Automata He continues to present his very good album “Lanín”.

The harvests, the last, the first and those that come after, is being able to move the three projects of the production company through different locations and have local artists to make subsequent exchanges, says Mauricio, formerly known as Colo.
And why the name? Because we are in an area of ​​harvests, especially in this time of summer, and because we always talk about harvesting in terms of harvesting ears, the attention of the public in the region. Let us bands begin to show ourselves well in the valley area and if we can get out, the better.â€

The Harvest Lineup

El Peligro de los Vientos, band led by Gastón Delucca, He performed on the main stage of the Confluencia Festival, where he played songs from his latest material “La Sensación”, with a very good response.

For its part, Automata Personal continues presenting “Lanin†, His latest album released at the end of 2023 in the capital of Neuquén. They also participated in the Confluencia Festival as one of the central acts of the Limay stage.

Butter Kush He has three singles on the platforms. while going through her first album.

Manteca Kush is a much more recent proposal who is performing his first recitals with great public acceptance, with a view to recording his first album material in the coming months. In 2023 they played at Blend Fest and closed the year at Morrigan.

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The local artist who joins the event is Kala Rivero, a local singer-songwriter whose career began in 2020 with the release of several singles in which she mixes singing, phrasing, folk and soul music. Without a doubt, a revelation of local music that demands space on large stages.

Tickets for the La Primera Cosecha festival can be obtained at the Casa de la Cultura box office, at 9 de Julio 1043 Roca, or through the Mercado Pago alias “Cosecha1.”

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