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Xu Jiaying will release a new single scheduled to start online in mid-December | None of the above | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 18, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen reported) Xu Jiaying was promoted to mother last year after the golden song song. After four years of not releasing a movie, he will return to the music scene and release a new single “None of the above” , Jiaying announced that it will present the “Xu Jiaying LALA HSU 2021 Online Concert” for fans on December 19th.

As a singer for 12 years, Xu Jiaying transformed her transitional period of gains and losses from her journey to the present process of enjoying music with ease and transformed it into the song “None of the Above” like the memoir of her singer career. This song took more than a year to complete. It seems painful, but it is also a process of rebirth of the soul.

She said briefly and firmly: “This song is my most real struggle and feeling at the moment. All I want to say is in the music and lyrics.”

Once Xu Jiaying made a performance error on a major occasion. What made her most frustrated and frustrated was not the strong criticism and attacks on the Internet, but the chagrin that she did not sing well, “Because I can’t sing well, I began to question my own strength. , Questioning why I didn’t take care of my state, and blamed myself in all kinds of ways.”

Xu Jiaying also mentioned that the lowest period of the singer’s career is when she has no self-confidence, “self-worth is low, nothing is right, and I can’t even post on the Internet.” Relying on deep self-reflection: “Find out.” The reason why I didn’t do well this time, I will try my best to avoid it next time.” Together with the comfort of time, I was able to regain my strength.

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She also deeply feels fortunate that she has loved listening to music since she was a child, then she has the opportunity to be a singer, and she can continue to play in the music career until now. “As long as I continue to focus on music and have a clear conscience for myself, I don’t have to be afraid of changes in other external conditions. I believe there will still be many people who will listen to my songs and continue to support me.”

Xu Jiaying’s new single “None of the above” will be premiered worldwide by Hit Fm from November 24th.

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